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  1. Make amr. files play on ios version as was before the "update" Please
  2. ios Version DID play amr. Until the update. Now it doesn't. Which is a huge inconvenience. I don't want to have to think of Evernote as ios versions and android versions. It's supposed to sync across all devices. But thank you for the tip. I will follow up in the ios chat.
  3. ios new version backwards step - amr no longer plays back which is infuriating as I record voice notes on my android phone but can no longer play them back on ios on ipad...
  4. you can add as many voice notes as you want. I am also a songwriter and do this all the time. The big issue now is evernote have made amr voice notes no longer compatible on ios which means voice notes recorded on android won't play here anymore. YThey need to fix this
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