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  1. Hi All, I see messages fm people working on Evernote for MacOS 6.7xx, but where can I download this. Evernote download location only gives 6.1xxx which I already have. Am I missing something? or when can I really get it? I my understanding Rel 6.7 comes after 6.1.... right? Thnx Frank
  2. Hi JMichael, I followed your guidelines and it seems that EN is behaving normal again. The first "new" download took a while and now every next sync after is fairly short, as it normally should. Thanks for the tips ! BR Frank
  3. Hi, I have been using EN-premium for quite some years now on my MAC, being happy, but recently I noticed that EN keeps syncing forever and ever at a speed of approx 400kBYTE/sec and never stops. I have removed my database and app fully and started fm scratch. No change, it keeps doing it. I am running OSX 10.10.5 and EN 6.1 (direct) My iPAD and iPhone do not have this issue at all, hence I am suspecting an app or dbase issue on my mac... Suggestions anyone? Thnx Frank
  4. Jim Kn. Your #1 suggestion worked. Evernote prints ok now... :-) No clue how this setting got "changed" as I have only one printer and only print A4 size things. Thanks a lot for the hint Cheers Frank
  5. What is the bug fix list please !! Please those are mandatory when releasing a new build !!!! Don't tell me you just have a bug of programmers "scrxxxxx" around... Or??
  6. +1 for previous version. The new web UI is horrible !!! The loss of functionality and overview in the new web version FAR outweighs any aesthetic improvement. Agree with those who say that jumping on the Google super-clean-UI bandwagon doesn't make sense for a product like Evernote.
  7. I seem to have a printing problem, every time I try to print something , I get a bunch of warnings that never stop : example -> Changing the destination paper to Custom.612.28x612.28 would cause a conflict that cannot be resolved. No change will be made. I have to "force quit" Evernote 5.6.1 Beta on OSX to get out of this Clues anyone... ? Thnx Frank
  8. Quick question: why did my latest Beta (10) did not detect there was "new" final release out? I found out about it, by doing a "check for updates" manually first..... it could not connect... and then I got over to this page here... to find a post that there is a final release out. The "check" & "upgrade" process is still not optimal.... Now... I am going to explore the new final release... ;-) Keep up the good work ! BR
  9. Yeah, my bad (post deleted), I just had one pop up. Turns out it's really "recently updated notes" and with the beta upgrade it just reset everything. After I updated a note, it appeared. Can happen ;-) Good luck !!
  10. Hi, -The auto updater "check" in the past betas does not work with my setup OSX10.9.4, even though I have it "checked" in the preferences. -So I do a manual check every now and then.. and then it ask's if I want to download and install the newest Beta. I choose that , it downloads the compressed file and then I get an error message that it can not open/extract the app. correctly and I have to try later again. My point is.... I have seen this "behaviour" with various past upgrades fm the Beta's ( I am @ 5.6.0 Beta8 now ) , and I have to come to the forum... to find the link and do an upgrade manually... For me it is not a big hassle, but something seems "broken" in the (auto) upgrade and install "process" embedded in the app..... Keep up the good work !! ;-) Frank
  11. I am running OSX 10.8.2 and ctl+CMD+C is not working anymore with Evernote 5.0.6..... it wa still ok with the beta's.... send a fix pls !!!
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