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  1. Hi All, I see messages fm people working on Evernote for MacOS 6.7xx, but where can I download this. Evernote download location only gives 6.1xxx which I already have. Am I missing something? or when can I really get it? I my understanding Rel 6.7 comes after 6.1.... right? Thnx Frank
  2. Hi JMichael, I followed your guidelines and it seems that EN is behaving normal again. The first "new" download took a while and now every next sync after is fairly short, as it normally should. Thanks for the tips ! BR Frank
  3. Hi, I have been using EN-premium for quite some years now on my MAC, being happy, but recently I noticed that EN keeps syncing forever and ever at a speed of approx 400kBYTE/sec and never stops. I have removed my database and app fully and started fm scratch. No change, it keeps doing it. I am running OSX 10.10.5 and EN 6.1 (direct) My iPAD and iPhone do not have this issue at all, hence I am suspecting an app or dbase issue on my mac... Suggestions anyone? Thnx Frank
  4. +1 for previous version. The new web UI is horrible !!! The loss of functionality and overview in the new web version FAR outweighs any aesthetic improvement. Agree with those who say that jumping on the Google super-clean-UI bandwagon doesn't make sense for a product like Evernote.
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