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  1. Noticed over the last couple of days that when I clip to EN from Safari on my iPhone and view in EN on iPad the format remains narrow. On Mac format is the correct width. iPad screenshot below.
  2. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure this out - wish I'd seen your comment PinkElephant! Need some indicator that the menu scrolls so hopefully your support ticket sees a change. Shaun
  3. I have this issue, logged out and back in with no change. Says I am on Personal on web version and my account information. Shaun
  4. Hi Pink Elephant, thanks for the clarification. Interested to get a link or information on how to set up the iOS shortcut as I can't find it anywhere. Cheers
  5. Sometimes the webclipper on iOS iPad Safari doesn't appear in the share menu and you can't add it via the 'edit actions'. Restarting iPad brought icon back into share menu. Also when saving PDFs from Safari, dialog box pops up as normal but doesn't save the PDF - comes up in Evernote as 'shared content' with a small non-specific file which has a size of 103 B.
  6. Hi all, I add loads of PDFs to Evernote for later reading. Is there a way to open the PDF in an external PDF reader (such as PDF Expert) on the iPad, annotate it and automatically save the annotations back to Evernote? This works on the Mac but on the iPad I have to share to PDF Expert and then share back to Evernote which creates a new note. This is probably a limitation of iOS but I would be interested in other users workflows for PDF annotation. Hopefully the PDF functionality will get better in Evernote on the iPad as it is ok for reading but not annotating based on my needs.
  7. When simplifying format of webclips sometimes the blue edit button disappears. Selecting another note doesn't fix the issue and app needs to be restarted.
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