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  1. Hello Nancy, The stand-alone Evernote program in Windows includes the choice to "simplify formatting" (see the attached screenshot) when right-clicking on a note. If you've ever clipped news articles, forum pages, etc. that have lots of ads, social media icons that scream "CLICK ME" or pages of comments that follow the story, this unnecessary fills a note with content I don't want and which affects the layout of the note in a visually disruptive fashion. I do try to use the "Clearly" browser plugin to strip the formatting away before my notes are saved, but sometimes this isn't
  2. Is it possible to simplify the note formatting when using the web beta interface? If not, I would find this to be a useful feature to add. I'm used to using the Evernote Windows program where I can do this but am trying out the new web beta site. Thanks in advance.
  3. I agree. We really need a fast way to access URL links from clipped notes as was possible in the old web version. I'm torn about the redesign. I like the new clean look, but not being able to see as many thumbnails for saved notes makes it frustrating to visually search through thousands of notes to find the one you want. Yes, I tag, heavily. Sometimes though, a visual search is easier. With the old system, when you wanted to quickly scroll through your note list, you could do so quickly. With the beta, not so much. Please incorporate a grid view with resizable thumbnails. Thanks.
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