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  1. I've been a paying Evernote customer for years. Come on Evernote just hurry up and implement this feature on iOS already! I'm a software developer and know that this thing could be knocked out in a day.
  2. I'm also getting that delay when clicking on a snippet. Seems the latest release is buggy as...
  3. I'm also getting this issue with dodgy focus and notes containing PDFs viewed inline. I'm running Windows 10 and Evernote
  4. Ok, some extra info - these PDFs were email attachments that I saved from Outlook. I looked at the properties of each file and hit the Unblock button and then they were imported into Evernote. However, the files did not get deleted after import. I've set the folder up to import and then delete afterwards. Is there a way I can get this working properly?
  5. I have the same problem on Windows 7. I've saved four PDFs into my import folder and Evernote is not picking them up. Each of them are less than 60kb in size. If I right click on one of them and then select Send to -> Evernote, then it works. Why is it not working?
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