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  1. Thanks @Paul A. I found the thread. Background .. I was searching on nested Notebooks / Stacks and looked around this forum. I was reminded that Evernote's foundations are build on Stacks, Notebooks & Notes and to consider nested Tags as an alternative. You would think that Default Nested Tag Searching (AND or OR) would be a configurable option but no. I have past experience with Evernote breaking existing core functionality with version upgrades (moved to OneNote about 5 years ago as a result) and see that QA of new versions is just as much an issue now as it was 5 years ago.
  2. Evernote for Mac 10.1.7 and Evernote for Web are not displaying tagged notes correctly. Below is Evernote for Windows 6.25.1 showing a couple of notes against a selected tag correctly. Below is Evernote for Mac not showing any notes against the same selected tag. Evernote for Web (Mac Safari and Windows Edge) is the same as Mac .. not showing any notes against the same selected tag.
  3. Refer to: Evernote formatting is buggy and terrible... is it just me? Post created Jan 26 2016. People still responding as late as Nov 24 2018 (Yes that is 35 months). Why are bullet points / numbered lists suddenly completely broken? Post created March 27 2018. Last reply, before mine, was Dec 18 2018 (almost 9 months). As usual, the Evernote apologists dish up the same tedious dross for a product that has had basic formatting bugs for almost 3 years. Evernote laid off 15% of its work force in Sept 2018 in the face stalled paid user growth so I wouldn't bank on the bullet point functionality getting addressed any time soon.
  4. I know exactly what you mean @NicoLove not that it makes the slightest bit of difference. I am paid up and did submit a bug (about 9 months ago) on the formatting issue, Evernote acknowledged the bug, advised it had been sent to Developers AND THEN CLOSED THE TICKET. Don’t worry about the smart arse comments from @DTLow or the defensive Evernote fanboy @gazumped
  5. Sick of zero customer service for really basic formatting bugs ... spent about 4 weeks moving 6 years worth of daily notes to OneNote. FYI OneNote not perfect either but bullet points and indents at least work.
  6. The workaround is not practical for many circumstances. Let’s say I do a search across all notebooks for past 3 years and get 10 notes returned. If I want to copy/paste info from a number of these notes, then as soon as F6 is pressed, the specific notes resulting from the search are gone. I have been highly critical of Evernote’s apathy on this (and also formatting issues with indents & bullet points on another thread) and am currently migrating to OneNote ... will then be an ex-Evernote Premium Subscriber.
  7. This thread was started on 20 Feb and it is now July ... all too hard for EverDope.
  8. I use latest version of Evernote for Windows at work (not browsers) and confirm the depth and spacing of bulleted items gets completely wrecked when one returns to a note. Has been this way since late 2017 & raised a ticket at the beginning of 2018. Evernote support acknowledged the issue, advised they had passed it to the developers and then CLOSED the ticket ... seriously no bullshit ! OneNote 2016 still not ready IMO (but everyone has unique note needs) ... OneNote issues noticed very quickly: no removal of hyperlinks, no search / replace, no ordering (ascending / descending) of section groups, sections or pages and Mac / Windows OneNote applications look completely different (Windows is way out in front from a user interface perspective). Too bad, otherwise I would be an ex-evernote customer.
  9. I installed the latest Beta yesterday (was running latest Prod 6.11) and the focus problem is still there for me. I wouldn't assume that this is going to get addressed anytime soon.
  10. This may be a successful workaround Mark that many users will be grateful for, but it must be pointed out that since there have been the following updates (ref FileHippo) and no addressing of the issue: Evernote 03 Aug 2017 Evernote 12 Sep 2017 Evernote 22 Sep 2017 Evernote 13 Dec 2017 Evernote 09 Feb 2018 Evernote 16 Feb 2018 Evernote 15 Mar 2018 Evernote 03 April 2018 This is ineptitude or apathy of atomic proportions.
  11. Losing focus, formatting issues with indenting, etc etc ... absolute garbage product these days.
  12. gazumped: Evernote in the latter part of 2017 had a number of functional text formatting features and copy/cut & paste worked fine. Then an update version was released that rendered the text formatting features and copy/cut & paste not 100% functional. Fine ... these things happen, albeit rarely if there is any sort of QA system to confirm functionality of existing features BEFORE an update is rushed out the door. The remediation of long-standing existing features that have been compromised by an upgrade should be addressed with highest priority. Instead, we have seen 2-3 version updates in 2018 and the core functionality issues with those existing features remains. An Evernote acknowledged bug should NEVER be closed until it is resolved - passing a verified bug to developers is NOT resolving the problem. This is cottage industry stuff from a multi-national company with a capitalisation figure that must be in the billions with development muscle to match.
  13. We are not talking about "editor enhancements". We are talking about basic formatting that works with version x and becomes broken with version x+1 and stays broken with versions x+2, x+3, x+4 ... there is no serious under-the-hood messing around when existing functionality becomes broken. Apparent (at least to me) that very little QA happens before a new version is released. QA for new versions is as simple as a check list of line items of all existing Evernote functionality and each line item is tested and confirmed as "still functional" or confirmed as "not functional". I mean how hard is it ? Look at the formatting in the attachments below. Screen capture 'before' with formatting OK: Click on a different note, then click back to the original note, formatting now stuffed per screen capture 'after'. I actually submitted this as a bug, it was acknowledged, the ticket CLOSED with advice the developers had been notified (who closes a ticket without it being resolved?) and 2 versions later the problem remains.
  14. I know exactly the issue being described. Everyone works different. In my specific case, I can be in another app (e.g. Google Chrome), then go back to Evernote ... I highlight some text in a note using drag with the mouse ... I do a ctrl-c to copy the selected text to the clipboard ... but as soon as the ctrl key is depressed the selected text is de-selected. I have to re-select the text and then the ctrl key doesn't misbehave subsequently (until I change focus back to another app). I don't think it is specific to the ctrl key though, more like ANY key. Using Evernote now is a PITA if one does a lot of copying / pasting and switching apps. Problem started in 2018. Haven't bothered with a bug ticket because Evernote also stuffed up text formatting a few months ago. I use 'bullet points' and 'indents without bullet points' (all on the toolbar) a lot. For the past few months, having indents without bullet points stuffs the next line that does have a bullet point (doesn't line up with previous bullet points). I actually submitted a ticket at the time and Evernote confirmed the issue. They advised it had been passed on to the developers and CLOSED the ticket ... can you believe that ! First crew I have encountered that closes a bug ticket BEFORE it is resolved. Two upgrades later and the indent problem hasn't been dealt with !!! Far out.
  15. I use Evernote for build and change documentation on IT systems. I'm not a programmer but isn't it a standard for paste operations to operate on what is exactly in the clipboard? I can copy some text to the clipboard and depending on where I choose to paste, Evernote either sticks a space in front of the pasted text or adds a space on the end of the pasted text. Please stop trying to be cute with second-guessing on paste operations and just adhere to pasting what is exactly in the clipboard.
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