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  1. What happens after this? Does Evernote connect using an invalid certificate? If so, this is a pretty bad security bug! Your authentication information may be exposed to the redirected host.
  2. I've also had this problem with Evernote in Windows. It would be nice if the client would resize the image for display like it does in the web version.
  3. Hi EverSpiral, They have something like that in place. It's called OAuth. You have given Reeder full access to your account. My earlier posts here mention my complaints with the current OAuth setup, but it's better than giving your password out. I'd recommend changing your password.
  4. Hi gazumped, Thanks for the response! Many other services provide some level of this. Gmail for example will show you a list of currently logged in sessions and the locations from where you account has been accessed from in the past. Something like this would be a great feature to allay concerns that users like me have. Remember, Evernote wants to be the central repository for your life. They want to build a large ecosystem of third parties that rely on them. If they want to do this effectively, IMHO, they need to build it such that we can verify that the third party apps are behaving appropriately. I'm not sure how I would know that someone misused the information in my account without any sort of log. The misuse of data is not necessarily intentional. It might be that their service gets hacked. It might be a bug in their software. I'd still like to be able to see what my exposure is. If my bank account details get leaked, I'm certainly going to want to check to see who might have had access to that information - email accounts, notebooks, etc. I really like Evernote. I think it's a great service. I even pay for it even though my usage isn't high enough to push me out of the free tier.
  5. I think that it would matter. Of course a third party app needs some access to your data in order to perform their service. A log would show that they're only doing what they say that they're doing. Otherwise there is no way to verify. A log of who/what is accessing your data would be useful in figuring out if your account has been compromised also. For example, IFTTT has a list actions that it can do in response to a trigger: * Create a note * Append to a note * Create a link note * Create image note from URL * Create audio note from URL These are the things that they say they can do. However you have to give them pretty broad permissions: ifttt.com will be able to:Create notes, notebooks and tagsUpdate notes, notebooks and tagsList notebooks and tagsRetrieve notes ifttt.com will NOT be able to:Delete notebooks and tagsAccess account informationUpdate user account informationPermanently delete notes I would like to be able to verify that IFTTT isn't accessing notes that aren't necessary for the actions that I have defined for them to take. If I have actions that run on Note A, there is no reason for them to look at Note B. To use Evernote, we have to accept them as a trusted party. Third party apps are less trusted.
  6. Having an audit log of everything that a third party service has accessed would be great and would go a long way to verifying the trustworthiness of the service. Is there any way to see what a third party app has accessed?
  7. @Ramon - Well, you do need to write *and* display it. It's my understanding that Evernote is using some sort of XML to store the data combined with Webkit parts to render the text. As someone extremely unqualified to discuss this, it seems that it could be a usable way to display the stored text. The lack of math support is really starting to bug me now that I'm taking some classes where I need to make note of equations.
  8. There are some nice javascript libraries that simplify the rendering of LaTeX formatted math. http://www.mathjax.org/ is one I've seen used in a number of projects.
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