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  1. Just wondering what the difference is between exporting all notes and making a copy of the database folder? Which is the best strategy for backups? I use Time Machine but would like to also keep a separate off-line backup.
  2. Thanks for your help. I used support chat to help deactivate the account that I created in error (very quick and helpful support person) and then I logged back into the app with the correct email and all is good. Phew.
  3. Thanks. Good advice. I actually entered an email address but (I think luckily) didn't enter the one that I use for EN so EN opened as a new program. EN on the web is still there.
  4. I just downloaded and installed and EN did not restart as usual. When I restart it is asking me for an email address and is behaving as if it's a new install. What should I do? Hopefully local folders can be recovered.
  5. Thanks gazumped - that's a good system - but I really like CalS's solution; it's pretty quick and works well. Wish I'd figured it out years ago!
  6. When the files are scanned into EN using ScanSnap the notes (and the name of the pdf) get a name like "2017_03_01_19_58_44" related to the date. I usually change the name of the note to reflect the nature of the scanned document. If I need to get those files out of EN, using Save As the resultant file name is 2017_03_01_19_58_44.pdf. It would be great to have the file name take on the note name.
  7. Is there any way - when saving (downloading) a pdf that is attached to a note - to have the filename the same as the note name, rather than the numerical name that EN gave the file when it was scanned? I assume not. It would be useful to be able to do so.
  8. It worked. What I did this time is that I restored from TM and disconnected from the internet before restarting EN. Thank you DTLow for your help. I have just exported my local notes in both enex and html format...
  9. I have restored from TM. When I peruse the quicklook.png files in the database folder that have been restored, I can identify notes that were in a local folder in EN, yet they are not showing up in the desktop client. ???
  10. I'm on 6.13.1. I'm not 100% sure when the local notebooks were lost as I haven't looked for them for the past week or so. There was an update a few days ago which may or may not have been the culprit. Does it matter that the database restore from TM will be from an earlier version - whatever came before 6.13.1?
  11. I have lost my local notebooks so need to restore from Time Machine. I will have to restore from a point when I think the local notebooks were present. When I do this do I restore the entire database folder (with the numerical name) or just the Content subfolder? Is the process the following? Close EN Do restore from TM Open EN Anything else? After doing this my local EN will not have my most recent synced notes but I assume that doesn't matter as the next sync will take care of those? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I do have TM although I am not sure how to actually use it to get these back... Wouldn't the notes also be wherever EN stores them on my HD such that I could get them back that way? Does EN Mac still support local notebooks? I noticed that when I try and create a new notebook I don't get the option to make it local.
  13. My local notebooks have disappeared from my Mac client. I upgraded EN (as per the auto update) a couple of days ago. Any suggestions as to how to get these back?
  14. Thanks JMichaelTX - good info and rationale, good points to ponder.
  15. No misunderstanding... Do you do anything in addition to the Time Machine backup?
  16. I actually do use Time Machine with a Time Capsule. A RAID would be better, I know. The reason for my original wish to back up the files in addition was just as an extra layer of security.
  17. Yes, maybe this is the simplest approach...
  18. Understood. I plan to do both on a monthly basis i.e. export all notebooks in .enex and also backup the database files (and let Time Machine do it all as well). One thing that I would like is to be able to export all notebooks to individual files that have the notebook's name, rather than having to export each notebook individually.
  19. Thank you to you both. A semi-related question: If I see "direct" in About Evernote (after the version number) does that mean I am using a directly downloaded version rather than an Apple store version?
  20. I would like to manually backup my EN database files. I couldn't find them in what I thought was the correct location, so I clicked on Open database folder in About Evernote and this took me to a folder entitled www.evernote.com located in Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts. In the www.evernote.com folder there are two folders, one entitled props and the entitled with a number only. The latter one has a bunch of files and folders in it, including some with interesting names like atlas, chunks, purgatory and puppetmaster. Do I need to copy all of these or is there a particular file and folder to locate? I was looking for a file that ended with exb but I can't find one...
  21. Using Chrome and the Mac OS X version of EN When I clip a webpage using the simplified article view, it looks good, with decent formatting in the Chrome preview but when it gets into EN, all the formatting is lost and it looks terrible. I don't remember having this trouble before; not sure if it's just post El Capitan. Just wondering if others are experiencing this and what solutions there may be if any.
  22. Thanks very much JMichael. I only have one local notebook so not a major problem there. When you say backup EN to an external drive, what do you mean by that ie how to do that?
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