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  1. Not having an internet connection can be a real problem!! We are a very small start up in France - I am searching for a solution to have notes that I can synchronize between devices but I also MUST have access to that information when I am in places that have NO internet connection (deep in basements under some of these old buildings, up in little mountain villages, in tunnels, etc....). Also, sometimes in the evening I may have to work on my laptop in places where I do not have internet connection, waiting for a day or two to be able to synchronize. Good thing I have access to my telephone numbers when I am offline or else I would really be in trouble ( wink wink). I was getting excited about Evernote until I saw that we cannot have access to our info on the smartphone when offline. Sigh. I would prefer to pay a small fee for the application - one that has offline capabilities - than to pay every year for something that has a ton of features I will not use. Being a start up we have to be very careful with all of those "little" expenses. I'll continue my research. If I can't find anything better-suited I will have to pay for Evernote and I will know that I will have made the best choice. Until then - here's "happy hunting" to me!!
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