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  1. k... sent... oh.. fyi... it is the normal unmodified firefox.. however firefox is not released in x64 officially... only unofficially compiled and posted to dev pages or nightly builds.. so i wonder if might be hitting the same issue maybe waterfox is having.. is the webclipper not able to communicate with the local install because of the x32|x64 barrier? Is there a way to get waterfox to work with it? i could always try that workaround if there is one..
  2. hello.. thanks again for the quick reply on this topic too.. it's great to see a company so on the ball and responsive! i'm currently using firefox 20 b4.. but i was also using firefox 19... i'm running windows 7 x64.. per your idea on other thread i tried disabling noscript for this too... however it had no affect on the issue in the webclipper.. only in clearly..
  3. Hi.. for some reason the options for the firefox webnclipper while it is showing the option for save to the desktop evernote, it won't let me select it even though i have it installed and open... i have downgraded to web clipper 5.5.. and re-upgraded to 5.5.1 with the same issue there too.. i'm running the latest desktop version for windows.
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