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  1. Wow, since I started using Evernote a few years ago I always felt they were top-notch. But after seeing this bug last for so long and reading your reports of how customer support has been treating you, I'm starting to change my mind. By the way, I am also a premium user and I tried to open a support request with Evernote around 1-2 weeks ago. All I got was a reply saying "We are busier than usual, we will answer you when possible" and nothing else until now. For a premium user this is a really bad service (since they mention top priority for premium user's requests). Also you mentioned that they say the problem is from Fujitsu. I am not so sure. Some people here wrote that after downgrading Evernote, everything was working fine again. One thing that comes to mind is that now that they have their own Evernote Fujitsu Scanner version, they are "closing their eyes" to the problems with the ix500. Evernote should at least acknowledge the bug, give us good feedback and a time estimation for a fix.
  2. Come on, this is clearly not an isolated problem... Too many users are complaining of the exact same behavior. Anyone knows if Evernote is at least aware of the bug?
  3. I just bought a ix500 and have the exact same problem (need to close and then scan for it to work). I have Mavericks and Evernote 5.4.3. A fix anytime soon Evernote guys???
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