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  1. Yes but the problem started when I installed Evernote. It started to hog the bandwidth while it sync then I don't know what it did but after multiple times little snitch ask for if I want to allow location to connect to the internet, I allowed it. Then my internet started to slow down until I cannot connect to it any more.
  2. I installed Evernote just the other day, once I used it my little snitch popped several of messages regarding Evernote wanting to use my location, and I allowed it, after that Evernote started syncing but I saw a significant drop with my internet speed. I tried to quit Evernote but it won't quit, I couldn't even restart my computer because it says that Evernote cancelled the restarting process, so I have to force quit it. Then yesterday my internet just won't work so I deleted Evernote but still my internet won't work. I denied all the previous allowed rules in my little snitch but still no internet. Just tried today to turn off little snitch and the internet is back. I don't know what the problem with Evernote but it really messed up my computer, I don't know how you guys make it work. I have a 2007 iMac with os 10.6.8
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