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  1. mac

    Hi Joe. Since last week I was talking with J.Cooper, but it was taking too much time. Well, I was looking at my system, and finally could find what was going on!! Few weeks ago, from here: "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ShareKit.framework/Versions/A/Plugins", I deleted "Facebook.sharingservice" and "SinaWeibo.sharingservice" because I don't like to have this options with "Share" Everything was normal, only Skitch not working. But I did not make any relation. Now I put facebook on the place, and Skitch is working again!! even without SinaWeibo. Please, share this with your development team!! Glad my Skitch is back!!! thanks a lot for all!!!! hope this post help somebody else in the future!!! best regards!!! I can live with Facebook there!!
  2. mac

    2.0.5 still crashing for me!! arrrr!!! please, help!!!
  3. mac

    Okdok. Thanks a lot. Still not working ...
  4. mac

    Any news or tips? May I wait for updates? I'd appreciate any advice!!
  5. mac

    Hi Joe. Thanks for answering me. No, no proxy, no VPN. I just have some Chrome extensions, that I already tried to turn it off. I.e. Ghostery, Collusion, Adblock ...
  6. mac

    Does that mean anything to anyone? please, help.
  7. mac

    I keep having crashes, impossible to use the software. So sad about it, because I like and need too. In my wife's computer, pretty much the same configuration, it still works well. No idea what else to do. Keep my eye on updates. In my Mac and Macbook Air, crash just after launch. I tried everything. Thanks for some tip!!
  8. mac

    Hi Joe. Thanks for your answer. I was just using 2.0.4 from MAS. I was working fine since ever. Then suddenly started to crash when opening, and never more opened successfully. So far I tried everything ... including coming back to 2.0.2, tried 2.0.4 from website, changing browser default between Firefox, Chrome and Safari all the times, and deleting preferences. I just had one version installed at a time. The only one still working is 1.0.1. I don't know what could be because it's happening in two Macs, and the second one I use it not so often. Thank you for any help!!!! Ps. iMac with 10.8.2, iMac 2.66GHz, 4GB ... and MacBook Air 10.8.2, 1.7GHz, 4GB
  9. mac

    I am having the same, in two Macs. One iMac and one MacBook Air. I tried a lot ... delete and reinstall ... change the default browser several times ... reinstall from MAS and site download ... reinstall 2.0.2 from Time Machine ... and also delete a lot of preferences files. Keep crashing ... not working at all. I am back to 1.0.1, unfortunately. I reported to Apple all the times.