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  1. The latest update to penultimate is a slap to the face to its users. It's completely stupid, and shows how little they care about their current user base. I had been a penultimate user since i got my first ipad 3 years ago, i used it up until 6 months ago, when i found a much better alternative (Notesbility). This transition into evernote almost seemed like a good idea at the beginning, but like most of us in this thread seem to find, the fact that there was no way to rotate our landscape penultimate notes in evernote kinda made it useless to use evernote (in my case i could say 90% of my +160 notes were taken in landscape mode). But i figured that was ok, because i could still use them on penultimate, although without evernote's organization. Today i found the penultimate app had an overhaul. I was very hopeful that this overhaul would fix the problem with the landscape notes in evernote, and when opening the app and finding my notes in penultimate already organized into evernote folders i though i was very pleased... Until i took a clser look. First of all, with the new UI i can no longer see the name on my notes, and i cannot understand how they have become organized. Right now it almost seems like the organization is completely random. And without the names visible, it is very hard to find what i am looking for. This made me upset, but i figured maybe i was missing something. So i looked, and looked, and looked, but have been unable to find a way to make the names visible, or to change the way they are organized. But ***** that, maybe i can live with this disorganization, right? So i decide to check my notes out. The first one i picked was one of the very few portrait notes i have, and it looked alright. I always use my ipad in landscape. ALWAYS. So this portrait note was only half displayed, and i had to scroll to view it. Ok, that's a livable thing to have to deal with, after all, i hardly had any portrait notes. But... Then i i tried opening one of my landscape notes... The note was sideways. The way it would be displayed in evernote. I had my ipad in landscape orientation, but the landscape note was being displayed at a 90 degree angle. At first i didnt get it, and then it hit me. They imported all notes from evernote directly. Which is why it was rotated. The way i see it, they decided to fix the "landscape rotation problem", by simply denying users the ability to write in landscape to begin with. And to those of us that have landscape notes, we were hit by a huge "F#CK YOU!" Straight to the face. They dont care about solving the problem. So what will my decision be on this? I am deciding to eliminate penultimate from my devices, eliminate evernote, and recommending against using it to everyone i know, and who ever asks me about them in the future. I will take the pdf backups i have of my notes. Rotate them back to landscape the way i originally took them, and importing all of them over to Noteability where they do things right. Jeez, you would think they would realize that the way the apple cover is designed (and most covers by the way), the ipad is meant to be used in landscape mode. Oh and dont get me started on that freaking jot stylus piece of *****.... I think i will just stop now, before i get even madder. Hasta NUNCA Penultimate! Adios Evernote! So long, and thanks for all the fish!
  2. I gave up waiting for an answer a year ago... If it suits anyone any comfort, and considering that penultimate and evernote developers dont seem to give a rats ass, maybe u should consider what i did... Which was shell put a couple of dollars and buy Notability. It really is a lot better.
  3. Yes, yes and a million times Yes! I desperately need a Binders/Folders/Whateveryouwannacallit I take most of my notes in penultimate, and over the past few semesters i have accumulated a plethora of notebooks. I recently started using evernote and have noticed here i can categorize by folders... this should IMMEDIATELY be implementeed to penultimate. I organized my notes in evernote, however, i take my notes in landscape on my iPad, so they appear sideways while viewing them in evernote. I wish there were a way to switch up orientation... this is so frustrating.
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