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  1. Browsers (like Chrome) often restrict us from enabling Extensions on their extensions / settings / application store pages. Please navigate to any non-settings page and you should be able to start clipping.
  2. Hi @sb8636 We have not got any other reports for this same issue, so additional to the Outlook version info + Windows version info, can you please also provide us with the Outlook Clipper logs so we can investigate the matter? Logs for Clipper can be found in: c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Evernote\Evernote\Logs\ or via "Logs" button in Clipper (Evernote Outlook Clipper plugin) options. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi mcluff, thanks for reporting the issue! We would like to see full content of the OLRDClipper_**.txt log file, most recent one should do. Log files are located in c:\Users\*user name*\AppData\LocalLow\Evernote\Evernote\Logs\ It would also help to know if there were any beta builds installed. For this, press Win+R, enter 'regedit'. You should have no HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote5 or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote6 branches. If there are such branches, try to rename them temporarily and see if that helps. Thanks, Kati
  4. The presentation font on Mac and iOS for non-monospaced fonts is Gotham and for monospaced is Menlo. Can you provide me screenshot of the not lining issue so I can try to repro? Thanks
  5. Hi there, I've tried to repro this issue and could locate few sources (specific websites) from where the wrapping fails on all iPad, iPhone and Mac client presentation modes. But we have not been able to repro issue only on iPad for this. Can you please provide more info for the problem so we can continue the investigation: - from where do you copy content to the note - in which client you create this note - can you provide a screenshot of the problem - which version of iOS EN client are you using and what is the OS on your iPad - if you create the note using Mac client, what is the version of the Mac client you use and which OS you have Thanks for helping in advance!
  6. Just to add, it's not just 'within the same notebook' but any open notelist will do, ie. via tag selection, in 'all notes', in location filter etc.
  7. Do you still encounter this issue or is it solved by the latest version (last release was last week for Mac 6.1)? If the issue still occurs, please report a support ticket with needed information so that we can take a look of it.
  8. We do not have layout editor or font size options yet on iOS presentation mode (which we have in Mac side). However, have you tried projection mode in iOS presentation mode via airPlay? Using that, the presentation scales to the screen you present on for your audience, and at the same time you got all controls in your iPad while you're speaking so you can control the presentation easily.
  9. We got an issue for not being able to click the overlay buttons with the new force trackpads in latest mac's, I'm happy to tell that it's been fixed in recent 6.1 release. If however with 6.1 you still encounter the issue (since we have not been able to reproduce it), please leave new report for our support team via link posted above so we can investigate it. All possible information (steps before, device details and app version information, log file and possible screenshots are a huge help. Thanks!
  10. Yes, as already replied above, the font in presentation mode is different from the one in note editor as it's part of the 'presentation styling' and it is preset so there is no setting to change it.
  11. Agreed. We're not here to replace Keynote or PowerPoint. Both are great for talks and big room presentations. Presentation Mode's main target are meeting presentations. So that users can show/share their current work quickly and effectively. For the 'arrowing' through your presentations, if you use mac, you can 'slide' your presentation using layout editor and 'space' through the sections without scrolling. Even without 'sliding' you can use 'space' key to go through your presentation screenful at a time.
  12. Hi there, this is by design as when you enter presentation mode, that's the mode for the actual content (like text etc. in your presentation and additionally it shows the preview of the attachments within the note), then if you want to go deeper into the attachment and present that, you need to click the attachment to enter document viewer where you can zoom, navigate within it and so on. In this mode you can also navigate between the attachments if you have many.
  13. We are bringing back the possibility to present multiple notes a time. Please give it a try in Mac 6.0.4 BETA 2 if you're a beta user (note the keys are not 'just' left/right anymore but CMD+left/right).
  14. Not sure which platform you're talking about, but in Mac thread I've replied to similar questions as follows: The new version removed certain functions around presenting multiple notes, that's true as you state and also intentional. Our reasoning is that usually, all you want to do is present a single note and the current version gets rid of many buttons that would let you navigate to the next or previous note which are usually unrelated to what you’d like to present. By focusing on single note presentations, we were able to improve the user interface drastically and avoid clutter. If you want to present multiple notes, you can use the ‘table of contents’ feature (multiselect wanted notes and press 'create table of content in mac multiselect view). We feel that this is the best and quickest way to prepare a collection of notes (or your entire notebook) which you can then easily present.-ENTER to open a note- CMD-[ or use the back button to go back to the TOC to choose another note to present- CMD-] you can return from TOC to previously presented note
  15. Hi Derek, thanks for the details and for the dropbox link. I've sent the details to the team working with Windows Presentation Mode. Unfortunately I cannot provide more information regarding but let's hope your issue gets prioritized soon. Thanks, Kati
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