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  1. Well how about that ... I think I just answered my own question. I believe the problem before was that there were several spaces between the end of the subject line and the hashtag. Tried it again but put the hashtag one space after the end of the subject line and .... voilà! Barnet
  2. Hi all, Tried to search first but found nothing. When sending email to Evernote with a tag in the subject line (#tag), the note created has the tag on the web, but not in my Evernote app on my iMac. These are for pre-existing tags. I'd appreciate any help you might have to offer ... thnx Barnet
  3. Just to add... -- this won't get previously created iOS notes into Evernote -- and yes, this app just didn't work and was a POS for a long while.... but now it works great and it is great... at least in my opinion. 5--String
  4. Checking for info on something else I came across this thread. There in fact is an easy, air-tight way to get an iOS note directly into Evernote. One poster asked why it was necessary... and here's why this is my favorite app on my phone: -- I think of something I must remember -- I grab the iPhone and start Siri -- I say, "Make a note that says...." and speak my thought That's it. And when I go into Evernote later, whatever I dictated shows up as a new note. The app is iNote Sync... yes, the same one that didn't work about a year ago or so. To cut to the chase, the developers fixed t
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