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  1. I've encountered the same problem, and resolved by changing the ".When" tag with a "Actions pending" notebook ile containing those notebooks : !NOW 1 - Daily 2 - Tickler (as I use Evernote as a calendar) 3 - This week 4 - Next week 5 - This month 6 - Later 7 - Someday 8 - Waiting Completed As EACH note MUST have been one and only one ".When" tag, I found it easier to manage.
  2. The way I use it is a Notebook called "Tinkler", is which I put notes about my dates and reunions (and reminders), and modify title so it all began with YYYY-MM-DD + keywords Then I order by name, and I have a vision of my next obligations. Hope it gave you ideas
  3. Hi there ! I'm french, and I've discovered GTD a few weeks ago. Before trying to apply it, I was looking for a unified solution for all those to-do's. Then I discovered Evernote, and many ways to organize Notebooks and tags, including the famous "The Secret Weapon" that has been indicated sooner. As many others, I believe that both GTD and Evernote are tools, that has to be configured for the convenience of each user. And I also believe that the more suggestions can be found, the more ideas for tuning there will be ! So here is my own organization, as it is now. I really appreciated TSW, but I thought that if each note has to be set with a ".When" tag, and only one, why use tag ? So I began to tune TSW my own way, to this result : Notebooks : @Inbox (default notebook, where all my new notes go) Actions pending (a notebook pile) : !NOW (actions I have to do today) 1 - Daily (actions that I have to do daily) 2 - Tickler (actions with a date ; all of them start with YYYY-MM-DD + keywords) 3 - This week (actions that have to be done first) 4 - Next week (actions that have to be done next) 5 - ASAP (actions that have to be done later) 6 - Someday (actions that I might do one day, but not for now) 7 - Waiting (actions that are waiting for somebody else to act) Done (actions that are done) Active Projets (each note in this notebook is a checklist with the different steps of the project) Notes/References (another notebook pile) : (notes are saved here with one notebook by theme, alphabetically ordered, eventually splitted to avoid too many notes in one notebook, so I have a Contacts Work notebook, a Contacts - Girls notebook, etc.) Tags : My tags are TSW-inspired : What, Where, Who, and associated sub-tags. I use different symbols for each type : @ for the Where tags, + for the Who tags, - for the What tags. I use tags mostly on my Androïd phone, because it's much way easier to navigate through, but I use mostly notebooks on my computers and for review Daily, I review my actions pending, and move notes from one to another Actions notebooks if appropriate. Weekly, I review all my notebooks but Notes/Reference, create new items, and organize them. Hope it gave you some ideas
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