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  1. Thanks Mike. Just one question: would the updated unsynced notes be completely lost or just back to their initial state before I modified them on my iPhone?
  2. I would like to share my frustration with the members of this forum, and if they are around, Evernote staff. I have not been able to synchronize a single new or updated note from my iPhone to Evernote servers since Nov. 26, 2012. Unlike some other members, I can't see any error message. I have searched and deleted any conflicting notes. I have update iOS and my PC client to their latest version. I have tried to e-mail my unsynced notes, but most were truncated. I have not uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote on my iPhone as I could not get confirmation whether my unsynced notes would be deleted or not. Syncing from PC to iPhone works. More surprisingly, apps like Instant Ever will send notes to the servers unlike the standard Evernote app. While waiting for an app update that would solve this issue, I have canceled my Premium subscription started 2 years ago.
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