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  1. Hi Don Dz I am aware of the Table of Contents feature, but sometimes i am lost when navigating solely using my notes. I still need the Notebook or Index Note available, to be able to have an overview of all note. With my idea, you have a link to the index with every seperate note. So no double index as you mentioned. See explanation in image.
  2. I am more and more using the linked note feature. But i always have to put a link back to my so to speak "table of contents". This will make it easier to navigate back and fort in linked notes. So make it possible to auto add the link to the "Index" note.
  3. Hi Liam, i am experiencing the same behaviour. On replacing the notes to another notebook, Evernote just dissapeares. My activity log says the following : 15:31:20 [1976] Registered session count: 2, last session: 2015/01/13 15:30:00 15:31:22 [3544] Finding related content for note 8459 15:31:23 [1708] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s15 15:31:25 [3544] * Retrieved from server 11 related content items for note 8459 15:31:28 [3544] Finding related content for note 8459 15:31:28 [3544] * Retrieved 11 cached related content items for note 8459 It seems to be related to Context. Next step was to turn off context. Then i moved the notes without any problems.This worked for me. Might be good to check this behaviour.
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