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  1. It's the default camera app that comes on Samsung phones. I rarely take photos with the EN app.
  2. In this forum, discussion threads are called "topics". The link I left out was to this one: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/19168-selectable-offline-folder-path/. Sorry about that. Conversely, I don't see any link in your post ("I was referring to this one:") Arg! http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168592
  3. When you say "This topic discusses it..." which topic are you referring to? I think maybe you forgot to include a link. As for the link you did provide, no that's not the one I was referring to but I did see it. I was referring to this one: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23168592%C2'> I am not using offline notebooks.
  4. Over the last few months, as I take pictures (which I store on the SD card), I keep getting warnings that I don't have enough memory to display the image that I've just taken. So, I've deleted apps and then I can view the images. Each time I have to do a mental triage of what app I need least and delete it. It has started to get to where I have very little on my phone as far as apps are concerned. I thought it was an issue with photo storage but all the images are getting stored on the SD card as they should be. So I was really confused on where all my memory was going. I've finally figured out where. Evernote! In the last day or so, I've started getting warnings that EN is running out of memory. In the last week, I haven't changed anything on the phone as far as apps go. I also haven't taken any pictures. So essentially nothing has changed as far as memory but EN is now complaining. So, EN's memory use must be growing. I've checked the storage settings on the phone and EN seems to be stopped at around 17MB but still wants more if these errors are to be believed. I checked the knowledge base and it says that pdfs and other things can be stored on the SD card via an option in EN on the phone but I don't see that option anywhere. I've gone through every menu screen in EN. I also don't know how I can tell EN to keep eating up all the memory on my phone. So, is there anything I can do? Thanks!
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