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  1. This was the response to my question: - Click the "Elephant" in the upper left of the iOS client, then click your Name. - Three finger tap The Quota bar (this is your "Current Monthly Usage") and you will see "Verbose Logging Enabled" when you are successful - Go to the note in question, bring up the Note info ("i" in upper right) - Scroll down to below the map. - Export the note and mail it to to yourself. - It will create an .enex file that can be imported in a desktop version of Evernote. I said that this wasn't really a solution since I have dozens and dozens of notes that I'd need to do this with one by one, but they said "the log doesn't tell them which note is causing the sync problems" (of course we know from this thread that it's not one note, it's a system issue). This does not solve the problem!
  2. I have had the same problem on my iPhone 4. 30+ notes with a "blue arrow" that won't sync no matter what I do, and that I can't open because "I'm not connected to the internet" (false), so I can't even save the images to my camera roll and then send them to myself via some workaround. I'm pretty shocked that this thread was created so many months ago and that this problem still hasn't been solved.
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