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  1. I often use Evernote to save information regarding particular topics into individual topic folders. As a simple example, say I'm collecting information on the American economy. It would be cool if there was an Evernote mechanism for distillation of all the information into a top summary sheet of the important facts (eg, using bullet points) I've highlighted from each article. This distilled fact sheet would be adaptive to additions and deletions and perhaps could have options for time stamping, source links, etc. So in the above example, say I've collected 50 articles on the American economy, and in each article I've highlighted the facts of interest or quotes, or whatever. These would then appear in the summary sheet until changed. The highlighter could be a pop-up window that would allow editing of the information or just insert as-is.
  2. Thanks for response. But it will still use RAM, yes? With the Google Lollipop upgrade, my memory for apps has shrunk, causing OS slugglishness, so I'm trying to prevent background operations.
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