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  1. Another vote for Jot support. A good start would be to at least add support for the precision disc, which several other note taking apps now support http://adonit.net/jot/jot-ready-apps/
  2. Another vote for Notebook Binders; after using Penultimate for a while it gets very cluttered with lots of different notebooks.
  3. I have exactly the same problem. Trying to de-clutter my Penultimate list of notebooks by putting them in a "Penultimate archive" notebook in Evernote, with the expectation that they will just be stored and not synced anymore. But even if I create a copy of a Penultimate notebook (to be stored in the Penultimate archive), and then delete the original (either from Evernote or Penultimate) the copy is also deleted! Would appreciate a solution to this, e.g. dropping the sync flag on copies of Penultimate notebooks in Evernote, or, as suggested above, limit sync to just one Evernote notebook.
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