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  1. Hi Evernote team, can we please have an update on the status of this? It's been YEARS and this is such a basic feature, I'm shocked that this is not available. If you REALLY can't figure it out, could you at least update us or offer a better workaround than merging? I'm trying to keep a collection of anchor notes ('profiles') that I started with basic info (name, contact, etc) and now I want to add info to them as I come across it or when it gets updated (posts by this person, updates on their status, etc). The act of making new notes for each of these and then having to merge them all according to person will unnecessarily waste so much time that I'm writing this instead of starting that task and hoping and praying that you'll take notice. This is such a simple idea that it's preposterous it can't be done. Can you not simply add the option to effectively "merge" the newly created note into an existing one without the user having to do this manually? I mean you have the option to create a new notebook, create new tags versus using existing ones, why not new versus existing notes? This does not seem like it should be so difficult. It'd be appreciated if you could respond to the many inquiries about this, or get one of the other developers who have figured this out to help if you really can't sort it out :/ Either way, let us know, I'm not trying to test out new extensions and hacks and workarounds to find something that works when this should already exist in the Evernote universe. Thanks.
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