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  1. BTW you put this in the Android specific section, doesn't seem to have anything specific with that platform.


    On to the topic:


    I date if it's relevant.  My notebooks are Inbox, Notes (basically same as Archive), and Action for the main ones, also have a Projects stack with a few projects in it, Photos, Shared (for notes my wife can edit, like shopping list and things she wants me to download), and Travel.


    Action is basically my To Do list.  Every note in it is one action I need to do, with a specific date.  Homework, bills, expiration.  These I start with YYYY-MM-DD.  In my Notes folder I have receipts, those are all dated, tax returns/forms all have YYYY at the start because that is all that matters.  Paystubs fully dated.  Account statements are tagged with the company name (DirecTV) so their entire title is the date of the statement.


    On the other hand, social security cards, marriage license, recipes, those don't need dates.  The way I look at it, you should only have the title start with a date if you think you may at some point search for those types of notes and WANT to see a list ordered chronologically.  If you sort by name with date in the title, bam, chronological.  Frankly I don't care that much what date I found this recipe for smashed chickpea and avocado sandwiches.

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  2. Right now this is my biggest (only?) gripe about EN. Here's how my workflow is right now. With my Android phone (or tablet) I use the Evernote widget to take a quick photo and save it as a note. Note: I *DO* have the capability of reducing the size of the photo taken. I'll return to that.

    Android: If I open it in the Android Evernote app on either my tablet or phone, the photo is scaled down to the height or width of the screen - whichever makes the entire photo appear on screen - for easy viewing. No need to scroll. It even allows pinch zooming.

    Web: If I open the note here the image is scaled ONLY to the width of the window. Scrolling may be required for a tall photo, unless you compress the window horizontally so the photo is scaled smaller.

    Windows: Acts exactly the same as the Web version, with one difference for me. I use the Windows application in List view. In 1080p. This means if there's a photo in a note, it takes of 85% of the screen horizontally, but around 40% vertically. So I get a nice detailed view of the top 1/8th of a photo. I usually can't even tell what I'm looking at. I'm forced to double click the note in the list view to open a new window, then resize the window horizontally to view the photo instead of just skipping through the list real quick to find what I am looking for.

    Example images are attached of the difference.

    Yes, I have the capability to reduce the image size, but I may want a nice detailed photo, I just want to be able to see the entire image before getting detail.

    Consider this a feature request for the Windows client to act the same as the Android client. Ideally, we would have the option to change the default view amongst all clients. Options: Scale to fit image, scale to fit height, scale to fit width, do not scale. I am NOT asking for image editing capabilities. I want the images I upload to be stored exactly as they are, the client just needs to be able to adapt to different images. I know they are working on standardizing the EN clients, but there's no reason for such disparity in basic functionality.



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