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  1. True, but in this case, I am using Evernote in conjunction with Revunote, so I thought this would be the ultimate way to learn languages. My original dream was to use video for spaced repetition, but looks like it's becoming a pipe dream.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I don't believe it's possible to create a link to a video which will play it from the home screen, much less put such a link into another app to run it from there. You could add the video to the note and play it from there.. (depending on the size, and whether you have a free or prem account) Thanks for the welcome and information. I tried what you suggested before, and that 5 second clip hit a quarter of my monthly quota already, lol. I could get premium, but I just thought there would be a way to do this first. But even with premium, I don't think I can upload that m
  3. Any idea how to do this for Android? Like, it would be immensely helpful if I can insert a link into a note to route it to a video taken on the phone. Thanks in advance!!
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