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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I'll see whether there's an easy way to change to calendar you've made then. Is there anyone else interested in a calendar which has weeks starting at monday?
  2. Is there a calendar template for 2019 with week numbers (where the week starts with monday instead of sunday)?
  3. Thanks very much! Very useful indeed.
  4. I'm waiting as well for a 2018 calendar template (the one that displays each month). And while you're at it: there's an error in the 2017 template as the week starts with Sunday instead of Monday. Weeknumbers would be ver practical (hence the importance of starting the week at the right day).
  5. Thank you very much! I'll give it a try.
  6. Is it possible in the Evernote Mac desktop client to use styles, such as Header 1, Header 2, Paragraph etc. Now I have to do all styling manually which really breaks the flow of making a note.
  7. I concur. You can't use tags anymore (which are the prime reason for me to use evernote): you can't reorganise your tags in the Mac client.you can't filter on multiple tags.It doesn't count how many note are in each tag. You can't use nested tags (as in filter all notes in all sub categories)With each "update" it gets worse and worse with evernote.
  8. Zoeken (Search) -> In de buurt (in the neighbourhood) The results are noted in miles (mijl in Dutch).
  9. In my Evernote Android app, which is the Dutch version, distances are in miles instead of kilometers. Miles are meaningless to me. Is there a way to switch to the metric system (which should be the default behaviour in the first place, when localised properly).
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