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  1. I absolutely agree. Storing long documents in Evernote usually means exporting them out when you actually want to read them because of the lack of reading position sync.
  2. You have done a great job on this so far! I've tried so long to find someway to use markdown with Evernote. Really excited for the update that will work in mobile browsers!
  3. I think a simple way for them to please us markdown users would be to format markdown in the presentation view. They already have the new presentation mode that reformats how things look. It would be nice if it would automatically recognize markdown and format it correctly.
  4. I got excited when Libin was talking about Evernote being a place for writing because I thought he was going to make an announcement that Evernote would finally be a nice place to write. But he didn't. I guess in his mind it already is. New features are great, but Evernote hasn't fine-tuned the core writing features yet. Almost every indie developer in tech has adopted markdown as a standard for writing. It is perplexing that big business like Evernote don't recognize that people want markdown. The formatting in Evernote is terrible. I'm not a fan of rich text, anyway, but I'm sure there are many people that like it. That's fine. Leave it in there, but why not make the presentation mode automatically recognize markdown and present it formatted accordingly. Then add an option for the default note format to be plain text. So many of the popular writing platforms now are simple. That's why people like them. Many people are frustrated with MS Word because it's complicated. Evernote's formatting is just as bad as Microsoft's, so if they are trying to be like Microsoft, then they are at least succeeding in that area. Other people are not like me and they like Word because of it's full set of features. Evernote fails here, too. So the are neither simple nor complex. And thus are not pleasing many people that are looking for either of those things in a writing platform. They also are lacking the real-time, multi-user editing that people love Google Docs for. (Another disappointment when he started talking about working with others, only to release Work Chat.) This is not saying that I hate Evernote. I love it. But I use it for storage and rarely ever work in it. I use it to store things that I have completed and to keep reference material for when I'm writing in another app. In my opinion, they are trying to branch out to too many areas without making the features they already have to be really good. As example, they announced reminders several years ago only to do nothing with it since. There is such potential there to be a really good task manager, since it is already holding all your information. If they would add the simple feature set found in something like Apple Reminders, it could actually be used by more people. I'm not saying they need to recreate Omnifocus, but I've heard of few people that actually use it to manage tasks. Fraiser Spiers tried it, but he soon returned to Omnifocus. I also tried it, but it was to difficult to keep track of tasks. If Evernote would release a separate task app that pulled reminders from your notes and organized them by lists based in notebooks (projects) and tags (contexts) it would work for many people, I think. (I am really off topic.) Evernote is great. But there will have to be a lot done before they can be the place where you work, like they are trying to be now.
  5. I love the new update to Penultimate that included sync to Evernote. This update prompted me to reinstall it on my iPad. But I have a small complaint--you cannot pinch to zoom. I have an iPad mini, and it is very hard to add detail to notes without being able to get in closer. So my feature request is a simple one, allow pinch to zoom like most other drawing and art apps on iOS.
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