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  1. Two ways to do this: 1) After selecting the area, just drag the image into your current note from the quick note window 2) Use the Mac's built in Command-Control-Shift-4 to copy part of the screen to the clipboard
  2. The .enex file contains the author field, but shouldn’t have any other identifying information. You can go to note info and clear the author before exporting if you don’t want that visible.
  3. As a workaround while you’re waiting for the feature to be removed, please try releasing the mouse button before you press the command key.
  4. Thanks for reporting this. This is a Yosemite only issue. I’ve filed a ticket internally.
  5. I can’t reproduce this either. What OS version are you using?
  6. Cmd-C and Cmd-V work fine even with this feature in place. It only highlights if you hold down the command key before you make your selection.
  7. Format->Style->Strikethrough (Ctrl-Cmd-K)
  8. There was such a bug in previous releases, but it has been fixed since 5.6.0.
  9. The options are based on the OS settings. You can modify them here: System Preferences->Language and Region->Advanced->Dates
  10. The settings in Preferences->Reminders control which reminders are emailed to your primary email address. You can change this email address in account settings (Help->Account Settings...)
  11. I’m confused by this statement. Why would Mavericks users downgrade to Lion?
  12. Make sure the time on your phone is set correctly.
  13. Evernote->Preferences->Reminders
  14. @franken: What version are you using? This issue should be fixed in 5.6.0.
  15. The formatting toolbar appears when you select text.
  16. Click on the gear at the bottom of the toolbar on the left hand side and you’ll be taken to your account summary. The Beta section contains a link to go back to the old version.
  17. If you go to Evernote>Preferences>Formatting you can choose from four date formats. You can modify those four formats by going to System Preferences>Language & Region>Advanced>Dates
  18. If you create a classic note link, it should always start with evernote:// If you create a regular note link, it should start with evernote:// when pasted into the Evernote client, and https:// when pasted outside the client. Is this what you’re seeing?
  19. If you place your cursor right under the note list it should turn into a double-headed arrow. You should then be able to click and drag to resize the note list. You can type the key combination Ctrl-Shift-F5 to toggle the list view between being above the note editor or to the left of it.
  20. You should see the recent notebooks in the notebooks sheet. The notebooks sheet appears when you click on: - The notebook selector at the top of the note list - The notebook name at the top of the note editor - The notebook name in the note info and any other time you select 'Move to Notebook' or 'Copy to Notebook'
  21. How did it “not work”? What software was it specifically? How was it packaged and how did you install it?
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