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  1. Mac: The only time I've seen 'Delete Notebook' greyed out is when I only have one notebook. Are you seeing this behaviour with all your notebooks, or just certain ones? iOS: To delete a note book, go to the notebooks view, tap the Edit button at the top of the screen, tap the minus button next to the notebook you want to delete, then confirm.
  2. I should point out that we’re not adding a .zip to the file name, we’re zipping it. The document is actually a folder and we only support files as attachments, so we have to zip it. If you just rename the file to remove the .zip, it will not open. You have to unzip it.
  3. This seems to be the source of your confusion. When you click on the satellite dish, you’re not seeing your reminders list. That’s your Activity Feed. The activity feed is a history of things that have happened. If a reminder becomes due, it will show up in this feed. Deleting or clearing the reminder will not remove it from the feed. You can’t change history. The list of reminders actually appears at the top of your note list. If you’re seeing a deleted reminder showing up there, then you are in fact seeing a bug.
  4. Here are the Mavericks instructions. Older versions will be similar. 1. Open System Preferences 2. Select Keyboard 3. Click on the Shortcuts tab 4. Click on App Shortcuts 5. Click the + button 6. From the Application popup select Evernote.app 7. In the Menu Title field type ‘Open Note in Separate Window' 8. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut field and type your desired shortcut 9. Click the Add button Once you do that you should be able to type your desired key combination and open the currently selected note in a new window.
  5. Thanks for pointing this out. This is due to Apple changing their format. I’ve noted the bug internally. Our developers will look into the issue.
  6. Yes. In the Tags window, click on the popup menu in the upper right and select 'My Tags'.
  7. As I mentioned in your other post on this topic, you can delete a notebook by control-clicking on it (either in the sidebar or in the notebooks list) and then selecting 'Delete Notebook…' If this doesn't work, please let me know which part of it is not working: Are you not able to control-click on the notebook? Is the 'Delete Notebook…' not present in the context menu? Is the 'Delete Notebook…' menu item disabled? Are you able to select the menu item, but the confirmation dialog doesn't appear? Does the confirmation dialog appear, but the Delete button is disabled? Can you click on the Delete
  8. Hi Lthieriot, Sorry to hear you're having problems. How are you trying to delete the notebook? You can delete a notebook by control-clicking on it (either in the sidebar or in the notebooks list) and then selecting 'Delete Notebook…' Does that work for you?
  9. Right-clicking and selecting "Copy note link" should still give you a green link. Are you sure you're not selecting "Copy Share URL to Clipboard"?
  10. Blue links are external links. Green links are Note Links (Note->Copy Note Link).
  11. This issue should be fixed in 5.2.1. What version of Evernote and MacOS are you seeing this in?
  12. Thanks for reporting this. We'll look into it. If anyone has a screen recording of this happening, I'd love to see it.
  13. Sure. Let's say you want to set it to 6:49PM: 1. When you're setting the date, click on the 8 from 8:00AM 2. Type 6 3. Hit the Tab key 4. Type 49 5. Hit the tab key 6. Type P 7. Dismiss the date setter
  14. http://blog.powerbotapps.com/post/53683455107/powerbot-for-apple-mail-beta
  15. Yes, but not with the features the other writing apps do. We're saying to take over that market by getting more options on the full-screen feature. Could you be more specific? What features are lacking from the full screen note window?
  16. It is already possible to take an individual note window full screen. Just double-click on a note in the note list to open it in a new window, then click on the full screen button.
  17. To change the language Evernote runs in, you do indeed have to change your system wide language setting: - Launch System Preferences - Select Language and Text - Click on the Language tab - Drag your language of choice to the top of the list The spell checking language is changed independently of the UI language: - Launch System Preferences - Select Languages and Text - Click on the Text tab - Select your language of choice from the Spelling pop-up
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