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  1. No need to bring them back; They didn’t go anywhere. Nested tags still work in the Mac client.
  2. Thanks for reporting this. Apparently the notebook list in Preferences does not include any notebooks whose names start with symbols. I’ve reported the issue internally. As a workaround, go to Notebooks, find your notebook, click on the gear icon, then click the “make this my default notebook” checkbox.
  3. Are all of these saved searches new or did you have some already? Have you used any third party applications with your account? I don’t think the Evernote client ever adds any new saved searches for you (except when you’re setting up a new ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanner).
  4. That’s strange, I’m seeing the menu item for both previously shared and newly shared notebooks, and the sheet that comes down shows a list of people I’ve shared with, allowing me to stop sharing or change their permissions. Questions to help me track this down: - Are you a free, premium or business user? - are you using 6.0 or 6.0.3? - What OS version are you using?
  5. - Go to the Notebooks view - Ctrl-click on the shared notebook - Select 'Manage Sharing…'
  6. No, this is a known issue which has been present since at least 5.6.0.
  7. Unfortunately this has not been fixed yet. We are aware of the issue and are on top of it. @Scott, you may not have seen the issue because the name of your default notebook is short.
  8. There is some new behaviour when creating a new note in 6.*. It works like this: If the new note should be visible in the current context, then it is displayed in the main window, otherwise it is displayed in its own window. Some examples: - If you’re looking at all notes and try to add a new note, the new note should appear in the main window. - If you’re looking at your default notebook and try to create a new note it should appear in the main window. - If you’re looking at a notebook other than the default notebook and try to create a new note, it should appear in its own window. - If you’re looking at the notebooks list and try to create a new note, it should appear its own window. In the past we would just switch the view out from underneath you, which some people found confusing.
  9. This was a bug in 6.0 which has been fixed in 6.0.2: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78123-evernote-mac-v602-released/?p=327886
  10. Thanks Adjusting. Can you tell us the first version this bug was fixed? 5.6.0
  11. Hi gaz, I used the "encrypted:" search and I'll see if I can get it to work in AppleScript. Is the Attributes feature available in the Mac version? In the Mac client: 1. Click on the Search field 2. Click on the Add Search Option pulldown menu 3. Select Contains 4. In the second pulldown select Encryption 5. Click the Add button Alternatively if your system language is set to English: 1. Click on the search field 2. Type 'encrypt' Descriptive Search will suggest “Are you searching for Notes with encryption" 3. Click on the suggestion
  12. Is it possible you have a login item on that device? (System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login Items) There was a bug a while back where we were validating all login items at launch time. That bug was fixed, but your symptoms sound similar. Thanks.
  13. This works fine for me with 6.0.1 on Mountain Lion. How is it failing?
  14. It’s not gone. It’s just a little harder to get to. Press the option key before bringing up the context menu. We hope to fix this soon.
  15. Sorry, the context menu is still there, it’s just a little harder to get to. You need to be pressing the option key before you bring up the context menu. This is not correct behaviour and I have reported the issue internally.
  16. This was a bug which has already been fixed in the latest release.
  17. If you’re using the Mac client, you can ctrl-click on the notebook and select Convert to Business Notebook.
  18. Once you’ve published a notebook, everyone in your business should be able to see it. If this is not the case, please contact support so that they can help figure out what is going wrong.
  19. https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/mac/#6
  20. Thanks for reporting this. I found the crashes in our logs and reported the issue internally.
  21. Thanks for the report. Noted internally.
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