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  1. Whoa, really? I can't do it on any Evernote client that I use (Windows, Android, web). You can change the reminder date, sure, but I don't tthink that that means the same thing. Or am I missing something? You're missing something. In the Mac, Web and Windows clients, just click on the gear at the top of the Reminders, and uncheck 'Sort Reminders by Date'. Once you've done that, you can drag the reminders to reorder them. You can do the equivalent on Android too.
  2. 1) I should have been clearer. If you have one note selected, the menu item will just export that note. If you have multiple notes selected, all those selected notes will be exported, and if you have no notes selected (when you're looking at your notebooks or tags for example), then ALL your notes get exported. 2) What you do with the html files depends on where you want to move them to, and what that app's import capabilities are. 3) If you export to HTML, all the attachments for each note are saved to a resources folder. If you just want to export the attachments and not the notes themse
  3. This is incorrect. We have no interest in forcing people to stay on our platform against their will. There are many ways to export your notes. The easiest way is to select 'Export All Notes' from the file menu. If you're exporting with the intention of moving to another app, you'll probably want to export as HTML.
  4. They have not always been packages. They used to save as flat files. Evernote does not have (and has never had) the ability to attach directories to notes, so we zip them before attaching them. It is still possible to view and edit these documents.
  5. This is expected behaviour. The iWork apps save documents as packages, so the only way to attach them to a note is to zip them. The zip files should still have the correct icon and double clicking them should open them in the correct app.
  6. We have closed this bug as fixed and are no longer able to reproduce it in 5.5.1. Are you saying that it happens when you have no other display attached? If so this is a new bug. Can you explain exactly what behaviour you’re seeing? Are you using the AppStore or direct download version of 5.5.1?
  7. You may be missing step 7. After clicking the crop button in the toolbar on the left hand side, you need to switch the toggle in the top left corner from crop mode to resize mode.
  8. If you’re getting different keys on different devices, check that the time is set correctly on both.
  9. Easier than bringing up the file menu and selecting 'Export All Notes'?
  10. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/19660-alias-or-shortcut-directly-to-notebook/?p=213859
  11. A known issue is that Premium status is not reflected in the UI immediately. Before you go to the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling, please try looking at your account info (Evernote->Account Info…). That should refresh your status.
  12. Ok. Let’s try this one more time: 1. If your note list is showing All Notes, you should see all tags in the sidebar 2. If your note list is showing All My Notes (select from the view menu at the top right of the note list), you should only see your own tags (no tags from joined notebooks) 3. If your note list is showing a joined notebook, you should only see tags used in that notebook 4. If your note list is showing a personal notebook, you should see the same tags as All My Notes, (no tags from joined notebooks)
  13. I know this isn’t exactly what you want, but the tags listed in the sidebar (what you call the navigation pane) are filtered based on what is currently displayed in the note list; So if you’re looking at one of your notebooks, you should not see any tags from other users.
  14. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to mislead anyone. The tag filtering is only available for business accounts and only distinguishes Business tags from Personal tags. (Tags from shared notebooks are included in the personal section). I apologize again for any confusion.
  15. Yes. In the Tags window, click on the popup menu in the upper right and select 'My Tags'.
  16. Yes, we were referring to the filtering of tags (All tags, My tags, Business tags) which has been in for a while now.
  17. This should be fixed in the 5.5.1 Beta: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54610-evernote-for-mac-551-beta/
  18. Sorry for the misinformation. Evernote can use any of the four date formats (Short, Medium, Long and Full). You select the one you want in the formatting pane of the Evernote Preferences. Customizing the format once you’ve selected it is done in the way I mentioned previously. If you’re going to be using YYYY/MM/DD, Short is probably the format you want.
  19. Yeah I am facing the same problem too. I was looking for the light instead of regular typeface. Any way to fix this? This is a known bug. It is not currently possible to set your default font to a variant of a font (Light, Bold, Italic, etc...).
  20. Evernote uses your Long Date setting for this. If you just customize Long Date to be YYYY/MM/DD it will work the way you want. (System Preferences->Language and Region->Advanced->Dates)
  21. No need to use Skitch. You can do it all from with Evernote: 1. Click on the annotate button in the toolbar 2. In the popover that appears, click on the image you want to modify. 3. Click the crop button 4. Click the resize button 5. Drag the slider until you get the size you want. 6. Click apply. 7. Close the annotation window You now have a resized image which can be printed on a single page.
  22. I’m not sure I understand the problem. What is it you’re trying to do that you can’t do by annotating the image?
  23. This bug has already been filed internally. My hypothesis is that the bug only occurs under the following conditions: - You have a laptop connected to a thunderbolt display- The monitors are arranged (in System Preferences->Displays->Arrangement) such that the top of the secondary display is higher than the top of the primary display OR the bottom of the secondary display is lower than the bottom of the primary display. If you’re seeing this and the two statements above are not true, I’d love to hear about it.
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