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  1. You can use Cmd-L to get from the note body to the note title and Shift-Tab to get from the title to the note list.
  2. This is how it will work in the next version of the Mac client: Cmd-| (that’s Cmd-Shift-\) will move focus to the note list When you’re in the note list, the tab key will take you to the title field of the currently selected note. You can try this out in the latest beta (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66563-evernote-for-mac-56-beta-8/?p=300121)
  3. Stacks cannot contain notes, they can only contain notebooks. What you probably want to do is add the note to a specific notebook within the stack. The script you have should be able to handle that already.
  4. You can uncheck the checkbox at the bottom of the annotation window.
  5. Links pasted into the Mac client should be clickable. Is this failing for you with all urls, or only specific urls? If it’s the latter, can you give an example?
  6. When you type in the search field, the search is performed against all your notes, plus inside attached images, PDFs and office documents. This is not basic text editor functionality. Please be assured that we read the forums and are aware of the request.
  7. You should be able to turn this off in Settings(Tap the gear icon)->General->Camera->Business Cards
  8. It depends what client you’re using. On the Mac you can do this: 1. Click on Tags in the sidebar You’ll see a list of your tags. 2. Double click on the tag you’re interested in You be shown a list of notes with that tag. 3. Press Cmd-A to select all those notes 4. Click the Email button to send them all
  9. If you’re using a Mac, do the following: 1. Control click on the word (let’s say it’s bubblegum) 2. From the context menu select 'Look up “bubblegum”' That should bring up a popover with the definition.
  10. July 13... When can we expect the next release with this fix? Thanks in advance.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63657-evernote-for-mac-56-beta-2/?p=290436
  11. This is a known issue which has already been fixed for our next release.
  12. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62259-evernote-for-mac-56-public-beta-1/?p=286457 Not seeing anything in the release notes that pertains to this problem. Is this one of the "500 bugs" squashed in this release? Yes. The release notes mainly feature features or enhancements. This one falls into the bug fix bucket.
  13. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62259-evernote-for-mac-56-public-beta-1/?p=286457
  14. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62259-evernote-for-mac-56-public-beta-1/?p=286457
  15. Ok. The thread you posted to deals with the Mac client. To do what you want in the iOS client, click the gear, then go to Customize Home Screen, and in the Show Details section, switch Notes off.
  16. Control-click on the Recent Notes and select Remove from Sidebar.
  17. Actually, Recent Notes includes not only recently created notes, but also recently modified notes.
  18. Thanks. I'll contact the support team and try to clear up the confusion.
  19. I read it and understood it. Pasting a note link within Evernote in any way should produce an evernote://link The fact that it doesn't work that way with cmd-k is a bug.
  20. The behaviour your describe is expected. This is not expected behaviour. It is a bug which we expect to fix in the next release. Note links should always paste as evernote:// when pasting into Evernote itself. As a workaround, Control-click on the note, hold down the option key and select "Copy Classic Note Link"
  21. Whoa, really? I can't do it on any Evernote client that I use (Windows, Android, web). You can change the reminder date, sure, but I don't tthink that that means the same thing. Or am I missing something? You're missing something. In the Mac, Web and Windows clients, just click on the gear at the top of the Reminders, and uncheck 'Sort Reminders by Date'. Once you've done that, you can drag the reminders to reorder them. You can do the equivalent on Android too.
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