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  1. There's no single step way to do this. Here's the easiest way I've found: - Click on Tags - Sort by Note Count - Hold down the command key - Click on all of the tags with count of 0 - Control-click (or right click) on one of them - Select 'Delete Tags…' - Confirm the delete
  2. When you look in System Preferences->Sound->Input, what devices are listed? Which one is selected? What OS are you using?
  3. This works for me (Å sorts after Z). Make sure you set "Rækkefølge til sorterede lister" to "dansk" in the Language tab of Language and Text in System Preferences.
  4. To change the language Evernote runs in, you do indeed have to change your system wide language setting: - Launch System Preferences - Select Language and Text - Click on the Language tab - Drag your language of choice to the top of the list The spell checking language is changed independently of the UI language: - Launch System Preferences - Select Languages and Text - Click on the Text tab - Select your language of choice from the Spelling pop-up
  5. I haven't been able to reproduce this. Does this happen consistently with every numbered list? I typed in exactly the example you gave (as well as a few more complicated lists), synced and opened in the web client (on several browsers), and on the iPad client. The note looked the same in all clients.
  6. In the mean time, you can add your own keyboard shortcuts for any menu item as follows: - Launch System Preferences - Click on Keyboard - Click on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab - Click on the + button - Set the application to Evernote - Type "Make Plain Text" in the Menu Title field - Put your cursor in the Keyboard Shortcut field - Type the shortcut you want
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