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  1. 17 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

    Hey @Adjusting, I just noticed you posted this update.  Have not seen you for a long time.  Hope you're doing well.

    Do you have new duties, or are you just pinch-hitting?

    I'm doing well, thanks for asking.

    @Nick L. wasn't available to post the update yesterday so I did it for him.

    17 hours ago, JMichaelTX said:

    Does EN Mac 7.13 include a fix for the EvernoteSpotlight tool crashing many times a day?
    Running Evernote 7.12 (457935) on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave).

    While we have many reports of this crash, we have not been able to reproduce it internally and thus we have been unable to identify the cause of the crash or find a fix for it.

  2. Evernote for Mac 7.13 is now available. You can download it here

    - We take data security very seriously, so we made an update to keep your information even more secure.
    - Long (and we mean reaaaaally long) usernames would push a note’s title down until it overlapped the text beneath it. The whole thing was a big mess so we fixed it.
    - Extra spaces in space names and space descriptions will now be trimmed down to just one. A little space is healthy but that was too much.


  3. 2 hours ago, luckman212 said:

    Well, this is new I think- I don't remember seeing results like that in Spotlight w/ 7.9

    The bug is annoying because it does find things, but then you can't open them or see which note they are attached to. As I said before, I assume and hope that this is just a bug.

    This is indeed a bug. Spotlight should not be returning results for those files.

  4. 6 hours ago, Metrodon said:

    In full dark mode, the preview button for attachments does not display - it is still there and works if you click on the space.


    The attachment header should be dark too. This will be fixed in the next beta.

  5. 8 hours ago, Dirk Dutchman said:

    This I have to insert manually. There is a shortcut option SHIFT-CMD-D, however the date format that I need is not in there!

    Can you please add the date format YYYYMMDD to the date options?

    The four options available for Insert Date are simply based on the four date formats in System Preferences (Short, Medium, Long, Full).

    In order to set your own date format, go to System Preferences->Language & Region->Advanced->Dates

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  6. On 10/29/2017 at 5:36 PM, EdH said:

    I see mostly a blank area where the reminders should be except for a jumbled mess of text at the top, not of which is clickable to find the reminder note I need.

    I can't reproduce this. Do you have a screenshot?

    On 10/29/2017 at 5:49 PM, EdH said:

    Also getting an error when adding a tag to any note. My notes too, not shared notes from someone else.

    "Only tags that are in this notebook can be added to this note"

    I can't reproduce this either. Is this only happening for notes in a specific notebook, or for all notes?

  7. Hi 

    Today we're announcing 6.13 Beta 5. Get it here or check for updates in your app. This release fixes a few issues including:

    • an issue where users with a plus sign in their email address couldn't log in with Single Sign On.
    • an issue where a business user couldn't access a note shared from a business and personal account.

    Please let us know if you spot anything else critical. 


    Justin and the rest of the Mac team


    6.13 and app updates going forwards will be supported on OS X El Capitan (10.11) and above


    • Sharing: consolidated share options under the "Share" button in Evernote. Share a note, choose to create a public link or modify share permissions all from one place. 
    • Navigation and Commanding UI: we've made some adjustments to provide more space for your content using a narrower toolbar, and making some tweaks to the sidebar to improve legibility. We've also improved the Move Note dialog to make it even faster to move a note across accounts by listing all notebooks from both your business and personal accounts directly in the dialog. 

    We fixed many issues in this release, here are some of the notable issues addressed. 

    • Fixed an issue where notebooks are sometimes duplicated on upgrade
    • Fixed several crashes including intermittent issues around moving notes, app launch, and on PDF annotation
    • Fixed an issue where the Evernote app window sometimes appears black when in full screen mode



    Simplified user interface with a more minimal toolbar 


    Improved sharing dialog 


  8. On 10/3/2017 at 7:55 AM, AnCo said:

    In side list view, if the title of a note is longer than what can be shown on a single line, in the right-side window pane, instead of automatically showing on two lines, it is only partially visible.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot? 

    You say you're talking about 'the right side window pane', do you mean the editor window? If so, the display of the title should not be affected by the view mode of the note list. In other words, the title should look the same in the note editor regardless of whether you're in side list view or in card view.

  9. 19 hours ago, rkapurple said:

    The removal of more visual views (with photos / grid) on iOS and now Mac is indeed a retrograde step for long term customers who might have long ago bought into the ‘remember everything’ mantra. This might have resulted in customers using Evernote as a complete life journal. Both of exisiting events, and with the edit create date feature events from the past. This could have included huge numbers of photos in notes. 

    Just to be clear, no views have been removed from the note list. You can still browse your notes in Card view or Snippet view.

  10. 26 minutes ago, JMichaelTX said:

    It would be more helpful if you showed a screenshot of the main editing window.  Please do not over-minimalize the screen without providing preference/option to set how it would appear.  I know many users appear to have ADHD these days, and seem to be distracted by anything. :(  But there are still lots of us that prefer to see a full toolbar, so we know immediately what is available, and is easy to click on any toolbar button.  Of course, you should also provide shortcuts for all toolbar buttons.

    The main app toolbar is what has been simplified; It remains customizable, and is fully visible in the screenshot. The editing toolbar has not changed.

  11. On 11/16/2016 at 8:39 AM, BillyP said:

    I'd like to suggest adding the capability to drag/drop files between notes. For example, I use Scannable to create .pdf files of class handouts, but Scannable adds them to Evernote as new separate notes. If I want to include them in the note for a particular class, I have to download the .pdf files to my computer, then drag/drop them into the desired note. It would be simpler to be able to drag them out of the Scannable-created notes and drop them onto the desired note visible in the list on the left. 

    We don't currently support dragging attachments into the note list, but if you open one or both of the notes in a separate window, you can simply drag the attachment from one note to the other.

  12. 4 hours ago, hatomie said:

    Until I recently updated Evernote on Mac OS X, pressing Alt-Tab from another application would bring me back to the last Evernote window I was working in, whether it was an individual note window or the main Evernote window.

    Now, pressing Alt-Tab automatically displays the main Evernote window, regardless of whether I had previously been working in that window.

    I assume you mean command-tab.

    What OS and Evernote versions are you seeing this in? I just checked with 6.12.1 on 10.12.6 and I see the behaviour you describe as desirable. i.e. When I switch to Evernote using Cmd-tab, whatever window last had focus still does.

  13. On 8/29/2017 at 9:07 AM, DTLow said:

    Bug Report - Applescript error    Evernote got an error: Export failed for unknown reason
    Actual Statement:                        
    export theTemplate to tempFile format ENEX with tags

    I wasn't able to reproduce this. The following script worked for me:

    tell application "Evernote"
    	set theTemplate to create note from url "http://www.evernote.com/"
    	set tempFile to "/tmp/Test"
    	export {theTemplate} to tempFile format ENEX with tags
    end tell

    It's hard to know what's going wrong without seeing more of your script.

  14. On 8/26/2017 at 1:54 AM, mhb116950 said:

    In my localised version, you cannot see the notebook the note belongs to anymore. It just says "Notebook" in the upper right corner (where it used to show the notebook name!). This happens in the main window (with list and selected note in view) and also in single note view.

    I haven't been able to reproduce this (even when I switch my language to Danish). Do you still see it in the GA Release?

  15. On 6/3/2017 at 0:33 PM, Lizzzzzie said:

    When I right-click on a notebook, whether in list view or notebook view, the option to Delete does not appear at all (not even grayed out). I've attached a screenshot. Can anyone help? Thanks very much.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 3.28.51 PM.png

    It looks like you’re trying to delete a shared notebook. Is that correct?

    You can’t delete someone else’s notebook. Choose 'Leave Notebook…' or 'Remove Notebook…' (Depending on which version of Evernote you are using).

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