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  1. Hard to believe that after 5 years they haven't even bothered to address the issue, either by fixing the problem, providing a reason why they cannot, or giving a time frame to a solution.. just silence. ,. Apart from 1 comment many years ago from a staff member. The problem still exists, and premium customers have left, it looks like Evernote team do not see this forum as an opportunity to improve their product, rather a cheap way to get existing users to provide free support for their product. I loved Evernote when I was a a premium user, and find it a shame that they ha
  2. I dropped my premium Account. I think the only way to get them to acknowledge that this is an issue is to vote with your feet. Anyone else voted?
  3. Thats exactly my point. It obviously hasn't risen to a high enough priority yet. So by highlighting the issue at any every opportunity to any possible future Premium member they may come to see that this issue is costing them through lost revenues, bad publicity and is not going to go away on its own. Surely you are not suggesting that Fransciscodr's request for information from a Premium member remain unanswered?
  4. Yeah..I know.... Just trying to keep the thread alive in the vain hope that they will pick up on it. But it does seem unlikely given the time they have had to address the issue. What annoys me is the fact that to my mind this is not something that would be particularly hard to achieve and that it doesn't even seem to be on their radar, garry
  5. As a premium member I can definitely tell you that Evernote does not allow you to specify the download location. You are stuck with using whatever space you may have located at /dev/sd....In my case 2GB internal storage. I have a 32GB microsd card which is mounted at /dev/sd1 and evernote caqnnot use it. I have flagged this with the evernote team previously, but to no avail. garry
  6. Add me to the list of unhappy External SD card problem users, (premium member....for the moment) If they dont get this fixed ASAP I will be voting with my feet. This isn't rocket science, the issue is pretty well defined, it looks like different manufacturers use different mount points for the ext SD cards, but Evernote only accepts /mnt/sdcard for storage... 16Months is a helluva long time to fix this... COME ON!!!! or I'm gone
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