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  1. Hey Guys, Im pleased forums are back up. Was unable to access them earlier. Might have been a bad link Anyway. Im new to Evernote so if i ask something simple, please excuse my ignorance. Now, I am hoping evernote will allow me to create an archive of information that im interested in storing. What i want to do is, when i find a website with info on it Im interested in, I wish to save that to my HD.So I will need to export it to do that, right ? Now some sites have articles id like to store in this manner but they are strewn across multiple pages. OK . So I can Clip each full page or article and then merge them into one page. Thats all very good but the layout begins to degrade if the 'site' has lots of adds and links on it. OK clipping the article only helps but this sometimes dosent capture the entire portion of the article on that specific page, ommiting graphics relating to the text for instance, or that option is simply not available for certain web pages. OK . So i can highlight the required area and clip to selection. This can work but it also has its own problems in that after Ive clipped half a dozen 'pages' When i then merge them the result is somewhat difficult to read. Some pages are next to others rather then beneath them for example. Im guessing that by clipping to selection im removing 'invisiable' formatting information on the page in question so the information is no longer displayed as was in the origional.Matters further deteriorate when i then export the meged page to my Storage Drive and when i then convert the page to PDF well .... !!! Some turn out ok.. others not so ok !! This whole process is time consuming and unreliable for me at this time. I hope to improve personally with more experiance but need help in ascertaining what is possiable and what isnt and where I can improve. Maybe other apps or a combination of apps may help. Ive alreaddy started to experiment with Readability, but my initial prognosis is that it removes too much graphics and is even more simplistic which dosent help me achieve the professionalism and continuity of form im after. My main gripe with Evernote Clip at the moment is that the Editing Facility of the 'Note' or 'Clip' is not very comprehensive. The ability to reposition Graphics and to 'see' how text is formatted would help. What i mean is that certain bodies of text are plainly paragraphs but other text appears to be a graphic or part of a Table and editing or deleting this is cumbersome whilst trying not to delete the actual text itself. If the body of text is part of a table and there's superfluous information preceding and succeeding it then its difficult to remove without altering or entirely removing the text body. If you can advise me on this matter I would much appreciate any advise offered. Please not I am somewhat of a beginner where Digital Litrature is concerned in that while i know the basicks of HTML im unfamiliar with css, php, flash etc apart from knowing that they exist so am a bit lost when I have to try to take into consideration how to 'Clip' websites with what looks to be a fairly complex structure. Thank you OK I may have answered my own post :/ With a little digging ive found this :- Posted by Grumpy Monkey. Cheeers GM !! Posted 16 May 2012 - 04:48 PM i wouldn't recommend it, because i am lazy, but for the persistent ones out there, this wonderful third-party application is available: http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ Now my next question is when will this be incorporated into the desktop edition ? I use Calibre to manage my e-Library and through it discovered Sigil for the editing of E-pubs and the like. It is comprehensive and has similair functionality . Evernote NEEDS this !
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