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  1. You know, I find it amusing. After all the hemming and hawing about this topic, and the strong endorsement that came for PowerBot to use in lieu of EN web clipper, guess what... Looks like PowerBot is having the SAME PROBLEM with clipping from gmail. Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmmm!"
  2. @TampaKevin, Well, I see the weekend did little to rectify your disposition. And you know what? Since the Android platform is owned by Google, I guess I could blame it not working on that platform on Google, if I so chose. You know what though? This is America! You don't like something, guess what? YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE IT. You can choose to use something else. You can pick a different software platform. Or, better yet, you can start your own software company and do it better, since you are apparently convinced that you can. Fan boy? Maybe. Am I a big advocate for Evernote? You bet. Do I talk about it every chance I get with someone who hasn't heard of it or used it before? You bet. Does that mean I blindly think that Evernote can do no wrong or that they never make mistakes? No, I don't. Am I ready to burn the Evernote elephant in effigy for every mistake that they make? No. Can I understand how frustrating it is when you come to rely on software and it stops working as expected? You bet! Am I frustrated about Evernote's web clipper's inability to clip my Google mail again? You bet! Am I ready to drive the proverbial bus over Evernote? No. So, unless you have something positive or helpful to add, I humbly and politely request that you stop filling this thread with your tirade on Evernote's product and business.
  3. @TampaKevin, I find your remarks snarky and otherwise biting. That's three (and counting) posts in this thread you've been cutting on other members. Did you need a hug? And for the record, the snapshots placed into Evernote /are/ searchable. In fact, every snapshot I've ever put into Evernote, whether it is by clipping a portion of my screen on my Windows or Mac OS X computer or the screenshot taken in a browser. Further, you assume that is something that Evernote has done with their clipper and not Google. Since the clipper wasn't upgraded or changed since it was working, you then must assume that the change introduced is beyond Evernote's ability to control, and they are having to adapt and adjust based on what another, independent company is doing.
  4. So, we've all come to rely on our Evernote and companion products to work flawlessly. And when they stop working, yes, it is inconvenient. And it is frustrating. However, let's all take a deep breath and realize, they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. How many vendors are either a) unwilling to acknowledge there being a problem; willing to actively try and fix it? They had the bug before, they thought they fixed it, and it has come back. That's just part of life. Now, with all of the other great features of the web clipper still working, why no take a snapshot? Include to much? Crop it. Is it not exactly like the function that is suppose to be working? No. Does it come pretty close? Yes. Thanks for the great work on a product we have come to realize we have a hard time living without when it stops working as it should.
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