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  1. I can confirm that all (or at least quite many) Nixnote2 users are affected. Sync stopped to work from day to day without any code change in thie client.. :(
  2. Yes, but this doesn't change the behaviour whenever new note open in new window or not..
  3. ..I tried all combinations (on Mac) and it doesn't work. Sometimes the new note open in new window, sometimes in existing window... its not predictable to me and quite annoying
  4. Yes its a old discussion (1 year) but it is still NOT FULLY FIXED. I have newest Evernote iOS app (8.9 on iOS 10) and I still have problems with notes mixing up contents!
  5. To me happens from time to time, that I search for some note on iPhone (iOS 10) and I find that note with original name, but content replaced by content from other note. I hat this issue at least 10 times at different occassions with different notes. Then its no way to get to the note content from iOS (not from the app, not via mobile browser). If I then login on Desktop (web app), the note has correct content. Now when I modify the note on Desktop, its resynced back to iOS now with correct content. But I found no way to resync the note from iOS only without Desktop access. But when I'm out, without access without to desktop relying on Evernote iOS app .. I have no possibility to get to note content. This makes Evernote very unreliable... its a shame that after one year so grave problem is still not fully fixed. If I'm without access to desktop, I can never be sure if I will find content of particular note via mobile app only even if they are correctly stored in the cloud. The explanation "appears there are multiple root causes" .... "we will fix" is already repeated for one year !!!
  6. I really wonder why Evernote is not able to fix important bug like this since so log time. To me it happened again once short time ago. I wonder if there is any development done in Evernote at all - except from fancy useless functions most users don't even notice (and chat and presentation mode). What you don't concentrate on "core business" "note taking"... Why there is no relevance search, why there is not usable client on linux, web app compared to full client ist second grade, ... etc, etc?
  7. I created a support ticket and afterwards got "1 month premium" free of charge. I'm normally on "Plus" subscription.
  8. I did get any "real help". They replied to my "support ticket" after 1 week, that they have matched my problem with one already reported bug, and that it will be fixed (they didn't said when). That was basically all. Currently the problem doesn't appear to my. I have suspicion, that it only appears on iOS client during iOS client doing initial sync. After all notes have been synced, it doesn't happen.
  9. Hi Ellen, I've sent you the required info. I'm not anymore able to repeat the problem. It could be, that the problem only appears during the "initial sync" after the app has been reinstalled (because as far I know, this is the only thing I'm now doing different (+taking backup of all notes before edit on iOS). Robert
  10. yes, I got automated reply with "thank you blablabla", but no real support reply
  11. I only have a "Plus" subscription now (before I was few years on "Premium"). With "Plus" the note history doesn't work and to update subscription just before buggy iOS app randomly overwrites my notes feels a bit weird. It happened to me again today. I wonder if I'm alone with this problem or whats wrong, but the iOS app is currently useless. What sense has to edit notes, if they then get randomly overwritten,
  12. I have terrible problems with Evernote 8.1 for iOS on on iOS 10.2.1 - it is randomly mixing up content between notes. Sometimes after note is edited, its contents gets replaced by randomly selected older notes. Edited content of original note is lost !!! The note listing still displays original content, but after opening of the note - content from different not is displayed and saved (synced to cloud). It happened to me already more times on few occasions. I deleted the app and reinstalled twice - nothing helped. I'm using Evernote since 2012 - since then I had Premium account (now Plus for few months), ...Evcernote is great .... but the latest iOS Client is terrible.
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