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  1. I am contemplating on whether to upgrade to Evernote as I am transferring my database from Devonthink. I have lots of data, and most of it is private like company confidential information, passwords and serial numbers. I feel uneasy knowing that Evernote is searchable by Spotlight and there is no existing preference to unlink it. Its a weak reasoning from the Evernote replies on this thread in terms of security. As much as its the user who is responsible for switching accounts if lending a friend to use, what happens in other cases like if the computer is stolen? Or if a passerby uses the computer when you have walked away from your desk, say in an office environment? I agree that hackers can hack passwords, but not all thieves are hackers or for those that just like to pry on reading certain files. So I was hoping that Spotlight can be switched off, and be only searchable within Evernote, as well as a password protected login window when I open Evernote, much like the iOS version. I really don't understand the reasoning of having it secure on the phone with login/pass, when you don't have it on the computer? I will hold off on upgrading as I will also hold off entering any data which is private. Which means its about 70-80 percent of my files. Please Evernote, bring in passcode for Evernote for the Mac / PC. It is not something that needs more reason from a user stand point. Thanks.