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  1. The remarks have been entered into the remarks box in the Chrome Web Clipper. Why do they appear inside the new container called 'Web-Clip' and thus can only be edited after 'Simplify & Make Editable' has been selected. I would prefer these remarks to appear between the title of the note and the container where they can be edited directly.
  2. Thanks Shane, for your feedback. It is difficult for me to distinguish between the new editor and the differences web versus desktop client. Regards, Urs
  3. sorry, but I had published the fleeq forcing you to opt-in. I have now changed this setting so you should be able to see the screenrecording without a need to opt-in.
  4. For me tags and the nested search are key to the way I use Evernote. In the tag search as I see it in this browser preview I seem to lose the first tag-filter if selecting a second one from the list. See a short screen recording on fleeq: https://sogeez.fleeq.io/l/dmp772wyxd-7g0t7io5wx
  5. After clipping an email in Chrome the links in Gmail do not work (e.g. removing a lable or selecting another folder) until reloading the site.
  6. I am fighting with the same phenomenon @markjl is describing. To me it seems to be the case if the note has been saved from the web (Cliper under Chrome on Windows). I have tried both ways @gazumped suggests but no positive results. Any ideas, where I can manage line spacing ob paragraphs?
  7. For vitalyb - I think you have got an interesting solution. Hoever with my non-technical background as a 'user only' I do not dare to apply your solution
  8. How about a solution similar to the source-URL from a web clipping under Info and in the head of the note? If more then one note would link to this one the drop-down could list all notes referring back to this one?
  9. Thanks Jeff for the feedback. You are right: Going back to all notes changes the sort order to the one I had used last time in that view. I am happy with that behaviour.
  10. The feature to save views for a notebook or for a saved search is very helpful. Appreciate your continued efforts to improve practical use of the app. Would you see a chance to also offer this possibility (saving a view) for 'All Notes'?
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