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  1. Android recently implemented this wonderful feature and it is very useful! I rarely use EN on my desktop and this feature makes life much easier and more efficient work flow!
  2. Using note 5 all you have to do is take out the S pen, even with the screen off you get access to a quick note, (using S Note) and it saves to Evernote.
  3. As a workaround you can install Evernote Touch from the windows app store. The only downside is that it will resync all data to Evernote Touch also, this does allow you to capture pages to Evernote though... Just use the share feature below I posted pics I hope they help! PLEASE MAKE A WAY!!! That works better!!! You can always default back to Internet Explorer in windows 10 just search for it from your start menu and pin it to your start menu and taskbar.
  4. While I don't use the presentation mode often, I am sure you would want to know that when viewing a PDF that has OCR the glowing cursor changes into a hand with the index finger cursor that tries but cannot select text. It's as if the glowing cursor wants to work but totally disappears at time when over the PDF with OCR. Not sure if this is intentional but to a larger audience the small white hand may not be seen nearly as well as the glowing lines. I cannot take a screenshot as in presentation mode for some reason it doesn't allow screen shots. Also I can see that double clicking with the hand opens the attachment in its native viewer.
  5. Use use evernote on Windows 8 64 and Vista 64, as well as Android. I love the new interface and features. However it is NOTICEABLY slower THAN previous versions on both windows platforms. to do any kind of merge or large edit in an existing document it will actually report not responding. I know evernote is working in the background, but I am not used to the LAG. I am wondering if its the program or how large my database could be getting. Is there a way to optimize files or a cap on the amount of data evernote desktop should hold.?
  6. Same problem here! I have tried Chrome Dev and Chrome beta Version 27.0.1430.3 beta-m
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