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  1. Currently doesn't work with the recent Gmail redesign. Specifically, when clipping a conversation in the new Gmail, on Chrome for MacOS it just does nothing at all; and on Chrome for ChromeOS, it tries but finds an "undefined" email message.
  2. Yes! I have been looking for some time for a way to do this in Android. It's absurd that this hasn't been dealt with. Especially with the increased power of Android devices and now the ability to run android apps on Chromebooks, the Android version must be made more powerful - more like the desktop versions.
  3. I too would like some closure here. Any news on this front?
  4. Still not right. Cmd-' selects all tags (at least on my Mac it does). If I then start typing a new tag, all the existing ones are replaced by what I type. To be able to add a tag to that list, I have to Cmd-' then click at the end of the list of tags. What I'm suggesting is a shortcut that moves the cursor to the end of the list of tags, NOT selects all tags like Cmd-'.
  5. I tend to do use tags a lot and it's inefficient having to move my hand to the mouse/trackpad all the time to move from the note view to the header to tweak the tags. It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut that would take me directly to the tags in the header.
  6. I've been trying to merge notes. I select the notes I want to merge, perform the merge, and the result is a single note with no content, named the same as the most recent selected note. When I try to sync, I get an error on one note saying "content is invalid." I think it may be failing due to notes that were created on an iPhone using the app Awesome Note. Anyone else getting this kind of error? Anyone got any advice/workarounds/fixes? (I can recover the individual notes from Trash, but still....) /fas
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