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  1. Amie, That is helpful. I am just starting out with this process of scanning and eliminating paper. Your system sounds pretty efficient. How do you handle something like a monthly mortgage bill that you would like to store in the same pdf file in which you store the mortgage bill from prior months. I would ideally like to construct one pdf file for all of the monthly bills from the same source. I know I can do this by using Adobe to combine multiple pdfs - however it would be more efficient to do this within the scansnap organizer if possible. Thanks again, Chuck
  2. I was hoping the scan software would have the option to split up the PDF - but I can't find it. Was hoping someone else had figured it out.
  3. I am starting the paperless quest with the help of the new Fujitsu scansnap ix 500. The scanner works extremely well, however I am still struggling with the best way to manage output. Ideally, I would run a stack of paper through the scanner to take advantage of its speed. This would create a single PDF file or I can set it to create numerous files - each of which is the same number of pages. The question is: Assuming my stack of papers consists of several documents with different page lengths I will end up with one large PDF file. Is there an easy way to break that file into multipe files each of which contains one document. Can that be done withing the scansnap software or does it require processing with Adobe? Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks Chuck
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