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  1. We are about to launch a Mobile App to facilitate expanded Evernote use in an industry that is VERY light on using Evernote at the moment -- Hospitality. Specifically, after using Evernote to monitor over 10,000 Maintenance Notes for a major branded hotel, we will be filling the need for a quicker entry method. (This "quick entry" with a razor-focus on the relevant data and content for the hospitality needs is key to Evernote's growth in this market.) Upon the Mobile App's launch, we aim to present the power of Evernote Hello and Evernote Food to a group of 30-50 hoteliers at a local Convention and Visitor's Bureau networking meeting. This Audio/Video presentation would focus solely on actual Evernote products with a finale introducing our expertise and our Mobile App availability for those that would like to investigate the possibilities of using Evernote for his/her hotel (in a more private setting). If you have any promotional materials, HD video content to incorporate into the presentation (especially for Food and Hello), or guidance/thoughts, we would welcome the input. The target audience will be comprised of General Managers and Sales Managers for major hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Westin, in an Ivy League, East Coast U.S. market.
  2. Rarely do multiple users cause much in the way of sync errors. Especially in the way described in the Question here. If multiple people are adding content, there is nothing to conflict. If everyone is trying to work on the SAME EXACT note and the SAME EXACT time, then you can run into conflicts. I know of an Evernote database with over 10,000 Notes that is used as a collaborative memory for a dozen or more users. The one MAJOR thing to consider is that you have to have faith in the other users. There is no way to keep different users from different privileges. ALL are on the same login/password so you must FULLY trust everyone. Evernote is not going to be able to assist you with errors caused by one user that affects the other. AS far as Evernote is concerned, you are all ONE USER that is "unwisely" sharing your password with others. DEFINITELY, DO NOT PUT CONFIDENTIAL INFO IN SUCH AN ACCOUNT.
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