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  1. With the recent Evernote update, I'm able to go in and activate through Outlook 2013 64 bit "COM add-ins" by turning the checkbox on, and the Evernote button appears, and works, as folks are starting to report. But if I close Outlook 2013 and then start it again, the add-in (and button) are gone again, I have to re-do the manual activation all over again. Not sure why (other activated add-ins are sticky and working, meaning, the checkbox/add-in stays active, even after restart). I'll fiddle with it more later tonight, meanwhile, anybody find an easy solution to get it to stick? Over here, gopher_2013 also reporting it's resolved: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/officeitpro/thread/3a46c326-b336-4ec9-a0e7-58905064260e/#0f3bef9d-caf8-4a3f-a02f-8aff00c4ccce but unclear to me if that person is a 32 bit or 64 bit Outlook 2013 user.
  2. Let's hope the answer eventually gets posted here. At least we'll be notified of updates, by clicking the "follow this topic" button at upper right.
  3. Same here, got a nice single inbox view working, but yeah, noticed Evernote plugin crashed Outlook 2013 once. It automatically took care of disabling the Evernote Plug In though, so no big deal. It's easy enough to entirely remove the Add-in entirely, while we wait for a fix. Here's how: Use the "FILE" menu, Options, "Add-Ins" tab, Manage "COM Add-ins" drop down list, Go, select just the Evernote plugin with a checkbox, then press Remove. See also picture below.
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