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  1. I fully trust the encrypted transmission and Google's could platform to keep data encrypted on servers. I don't think Google has ever had any issues with data breeches, encryption breeches. Encrypting an entire Notebook, or especially a note, rather than just selected text would be convenient, but It's just not that hard to select text > encrypt for the sensitive pieces. You can even (windoze) Ctl+A to select entire note, encrypt. However, it will not encrypt if there are images, attachments embedded. This feature REQ has been around a very long time and my take is that EN development team just doesn't see encryption breeches as much of a real threat. Encrypting selected text is just for client side and I have my PC pswd protected in addition to encrypting selected sensitive text. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. You can also do this. Pull a Set of Stacked Notebooks onto the ShortCut Bar or Pane Not individual Notes on Shortcuts, but quick organization of a sub-set of Notes
  3. You have to shorten the Title in the Note, like in my pic on original post.
  4. My understanding is that your EN dB is encrypted at the server level already, as well as transport.
  5. Wow. How kewl it would be to be able to use the Shortcut Bar for more than just a few Shortcuts Something like a drop down menu, (like browser bookmark bars), with ability to nest shortcuts, sub menus.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to vote it up the scale. Encrypting text is certainly useful, but clumsy Encrypting an entire Notebook would be so very awesome
  7. This started happening with my newest update to Evernote_6.20.2.8626. If there is any key or click activity when EN starts to sync, Crash, crash, crash I eventually had to put EN in full manual sync only - once per day to prevent it from starting a sync while I am doing something I have sent many, many crash reports via the EN crash dialogue Maybe it will get fixed next version I don't have any resource issues as mentioned in this post
  8. Sorry for redundancy if this is in User Manual somewhere, or if I just missed something. Does EN (Win client) have some way to remember eMail addresses, even something primitive like a drop down box of previously used addresses. Quite cumbersome to type in the address every time I need to email a note. Most people rely on an address book and don't even remember exact email addresses. Thanks
  9. Windoze 7Pro, SP1, EN It does not appear so, at least on my copy > Create a note > Inset some plain text > now, insert a table somewhere in the note > Attempt to select the Text, it works > Attempt to select any part of the note that includes the table > Neither Shortcut to encrypt, or context menu works, context menu greyed out. Just something I noticed Not really that important to me
  10. OMG! You are my new hero. Works perfectly. Why didn't I think of this? Just like a multiple select file names in windows. I've been dealing with the selecting text holding the left mouse button and dragging up/down page for years. Yippie. Much thanks for this
  11. Anyone ever see this? EN v client. This is not a new issue. The right side slider works fine to pull up/down page. I can even select a small line of text and drag/drop up/down note. But, unable to select large blocks of text pulling up/down the page, jerky, stops, eventually non-responsive (see image). My EN client has done this for as long as I have been using it, maybe 6 years, subscription. Support says they can't reproduce the problem. To experiment, I set up three new EN Basic Accounts on two other machines that had never had the EN client installed. All three new Accounts do the same thing. (How is that possible?) No resource problems on none of them, all powerful Dell workstation (Win7pro, Sp1,48GB Ram, 10,000 rpm HDD), Dell 640 (Win7pro, Sp1, 16GB RAM), Dell Win10 gaming laptop with SSD. I have tried all sorts of things, uninstalling, re-installing & fresh DL of dB, all sorts of setting configurations, setting all sync to manual so it wouldn't interfere, changing machines, using different mouse, keyboard, different fonts, striped all the options settings down to nothing, attempted repairs on notes, dB, etc. I was thinking maybe there are both EN 32/64 bit versions and I might try a different version, but can't see that anywhere It's clumsy, but I seem to be able to pull up/down page selecting large blocks of text when using the scroll wheel middle mouse. That's at least some kind of awkward work around. Any ideas? Signed, Baffled Thank
  12. Agree with CalS. Using 6.14 GA and seems fine. Full Notebook searches lag, but I guess that is a given.
  13. Ahhh. I think I missed something. v6.15 Beta 1 is out and I didn't see a v6.14 General Release yet? Are we skipping a v6.14 GA?
  14. Playing dumb here.. Looked around quite a bit, the mouse-over for this setting doesn't really say much.. -- Check feature if you want EN to sync "automatically." -- So, what exactly is "automatically." Searched forums, manuals, etc. With this set to "automatically" it took EN about 5 minutes to sync after an updated note. Also, have been getting bunch of crashes. Grateful that EN seems to keep some kind of changes locally even though crashes before an update to server. It would be quite an annoyance if EN lost all work in a note because of a crash. The data seems to still be there, with a sync needed, after I restore EN. Is this correct? Thanks
  15. Playing dumb here .. What is the "Notebooks view ?" My view config is the 3 panels, Left Panel, Note List, Note Panel. I don't want to update to something that will remove this particular view config. Probably, the view of all the Notebooks, which lists all notebooks. correct. What happens instead when you click on the top level "Notesbook View"
  16. Windows .. CTL + A selects all text in note, but in some notes the encryption is unavailable (grayed out). Partial selection of text in note it is available. There is no special formatting or attachments in the notes that won't encrypt. Some other notes will CTL + A (all text) and encryption is available. Bug ? Also, I'm going to post feature request for the often requested "encrypt note." Not sure why this seems to be so difficult.
  17. Likewise. I have remained at v6.7.5.5825 after attempting to update to all subsequent versions. All of them with too many bugs for me to trust my notes with. The inability to edit notes seemed to appear in 6.11 for me (confirmed by support), and I continued to see the issue through v6.12.beta 2. I am encouraged, however, that production has continued to work on v 6.12 through a beta 3 instead of cranking out GA's from beta 2's about every month or so. I am wanting to use EN as I have trusted in the past. Just speculation, EN is perhaps focusing on the business end of the product.
  18. * Not an EN employee. It's never coming back (I'm grandfathered into Plus user). I've been EN paid subscriber for about 6 years or so, and never really needed more than basic-free, but upgraded my subscription many years ago just because I thought the app was good enough to deserve my support. I have been unable to upgrade now since v6.7.. stuck at that version due to serious flaws in all subsequent versions, read the forums, you will see lots of problems. The kind of problems you will see I *never* have with all of my windows client software, word processors, local note apps, lots of other apps. There are many persistent problems in EN release versions since 6.7 up through 6.11 GA. Many of them don't get fixed. Version 11 some some of us (I don't know how many) have validated a issue where our notes can't be edited at all. This issue persists through the current v6.12 beta 2 as I checked. I would say a very serious flaw. Tech support said the problem has been confirmed and that "production" was working to find a solution. It seem pretty important to be able to edit a note. I have never had any issues with EN until the versions past 6.7. I would suggest you to be very careful here. Start basic, go through a few updates. See if you catch any problems. Don't invest too many important notes, because you can't get them back if something goes wrong with basic, with Premium you can access a history (carefully manipulated limitation to push customers toward Premium). I have a lot of important notes and have always had unquestionable confidence with EN, except for the last 5 versions. At some point EN is going to stop supporting Windoze 7 (understandable), which I plan to keep well after 2020, or at some point they will need to revise the dB and I won't be able to advance past v6.7.. Just my 23 cents I hate to sound so negative, but EN has always been on the top 3 list of most important app on my PC, after eMail, browser, EN .. and latest updates and failure to address some of the issues has got me starting to ask what options do I have. EN is a very nice app, But so many problems lately that I have never seen before in 6 something years
  19. I'm not a programmer. But have used EN for 8 years without one single glitch, automatic updates. It seems migrated to cloud all sorts of problems started showing up. I've basically been unable to upgrade past v6.7.5.5825 because of the issues. I wouldn't think that EN uses cloud for their server applications, but only for data storage.
  20. Just gave 6.12 beta 2 a drive. Mainly to check to see if a confirmed issue has been fixed where we are unable to edit any note. The cursor simply will not enter the note(s) for editing. It has not been fixed as of beta 2. Please move this up on the priority list. It may effect only a handful of us, but it basically renders EN unusable. Tech support has confirmed this issue and has said that developers are working on it. Thanks.
  21. Plus member last 8 years. Due to a number of (some serious) problems with EN versions after v6.7 I have been unable to upgrade to all subsequent versions through EN 6.11 GA. Tech support keeps saying production is working on it, but still no fixes. Support added 30 points for my trouble, which makes little difference if I can't use EN because of the problems. Anyway, I cashed them in for Premium. I suppose EN will not honor my right to be grandfathered back into Plus after my 3 months of (free) Premium. Although, EN should.
  22. Tech support said they were working on it. May be fixed in EN v6.10.xx The lines are annoying, but more than anything, anomalous behavior in EN causes me some concern about the integrity of my notes Blue lines today, missing text tomorrow, kind of stuff...
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