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  1. This seems to be an EN upgrade issue. I followed up and forced an update to the iPhone and it inherited the function of the iPad. Now they both don't function as they have in the past. It is possible to annotate but it creates another file that gets saved outside of EN and the source note. At least that appears to be the case.
  2. Experiencing the same problem. Still available on iPhone X (iOS 13). Not available on iPad 8 (iOS 14). Acrobat versions are the same on each device. EN version on iPhone is On iPad 10.0.2 (1104698) My devices are all set to auto update.
  3. I'm a fairly active user of EN and routinely place MS Office documents in EN notes. I don't know who's problem this is but when I fire up Excel or Word, I suffer an excruciating long delay in the loading of the application. If I'm patient enough to see it through to being operational, all seems to work in order. I'm left thinking that there is an issue in the various Office apps in syncing the "recently open", local EN cache and the Cloud based EN files (possibly). Has anyone successfully worked through this type of a problem?
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