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  1. Awful - in another thread, I made the point - I don't need to sync a notebook from Penultimate in Evernote. Evernote is the notebook / scrapbook into which I place notes from Penultimate. I can't figure out why Evernote doesn't get this approach.
  2. Thanks for the tips - I went back and tried Notability and Noteshelf - Noteshelf has the old functionality of Penultimate and the ability to select certain pages to send directly to Evernote. Would still prefer a Penultimate fix though....
  3. Not sure anyone from Evernote is reading these, but wanted to make one more case based on actual usage of the Penultimate product. To relate to the physical world, Penultimate is a pad of paper and Evernote is a filing cabinet. In version 3.x, I could take a single page note or multiple page note in a meeting and send it to Evernote, where I could then put it in the proper notebook (meetings, notes, etc.). Often times I would take a weeks worth of notes in Penultimate, then at the end of the week, send various scraps of note pages from Penultimate to different notebooks. The problem with syncing a whole notebook into Evernote is in a way, I am syncing a notebook into a notebook. Evernote shouldn't be a place I store a full notebook (a synced notebook from Penultimate 4.x) in a single note, it should be a place where I can place various notes from a notebook. The old send to where I could select the pages that go in a single note for Evernote fits this workflow. Can you at least change Penultimate to remove the mandatory sync and then allow for the send to Evernote? In the Open In Evernote option in Penultimate v4.0 - it actually opens Evernote. The version 3.x way of silently in the background sending a note to Evernote was great. Please help!
  4. I am in the same boat here - downloaded the new version which looks nice, but the automatic sync is killing me. I can't alter the note in the Evernote Windows app because it was created in another application (dialog box warning). I tend to use a single notebook in Penultimate for notes, then transfer related notes in batches to Evernote. A 1-page or 5-page note on a meeting goes into Evernote on its own, then I delete the notes from Penultimate. At this point, I need to find a way to either stop the sync, or go back to the prior version. 1 step forward, 2 steps back on this release. - Kevin