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  1. Hello, I am running Evernote on my Kindle Fire HD. It's been running fine for a few months, and then last week it would freeze as soon as I opened it, and eventually I would receive the message "Evernote is not responding". I select the option to close it. I attempted rebooting the Kindle, same result. I uninstalled and re-installed Evernote, same problem again. I have not used Evernote for a week or so, and I thought I'd try it again today, same result, though eventually it started working. I don't trust it now. I don't see that anyone else has reported this. The version info says 5.7.1.
  2. I like Evernote a lot, and use it every day. HOWEVER, I am offered a "new version" of Evernote WAY, way too often. These updates take several minutes to install, require me to close Outlook and IE, two applications I need to do my work, and when they are done, I see no discernible difference in the application. So in effect, these reminders are essentially asking me to stop everything else I'm doing for a few minutes with no noticeable benefit. We have come to refer to it in the office as paying our Weekly Evernote Dues. Please, consider making your updates less frequent, less obtrusive, or somehow transparent. It's quite irritating, and affects my productivity. And I realize I can just opt out of updates, but I never know when an "important" one is going to make a difference to me, so I feel I should take heed when they come up. The frequent and obtrusive updates are seriously degrading my opinion of Evernote. Thank you.
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