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  1. I've been involved in software development since you could only input them via punched cards. (It wasn't all that long ago, really...) In those 35 years, I've been involved in every piece of it, from coding in more languages than I can remember anymore, to excursions into marketing, sales, to the present day, where I'm now mostly just "a suit" for a software development company that creates products for tracking and transport of freight. I understand customer feedback. I like it, even. Sometimes (ok, well, more often that that), it makes our stuff better. Call me curmudgeonly, but what I have a knee-jerk reaction to is the current trend to take a good product (or an idea for one), get it halfway to where it needs to be, then involve 50 social media butterflies, marketers, hypesters and "suits" (only they don't wear them anymore, so I guess they don't call them that, either) for every person who actually works on the product. You can always tell these companies by the "noise" about them that seems to be everywhere combined with software development cycles that just don't cut it in some way: they actually go backwards in functionality, the updates are primarily self-serving (Now we connect to MyFaceSquare, so you can advertise our product there, too!!!), they almost always just fail to manage to get the really important features in (hold on - I know what you're going to say, if you disagree with me, and I'm getting to that), and they make sure you can't prove they're not listening by not providing any means of measurable feedback (like a user voting system for features). Oh, and one other thing: They tell you they're listening to you all the time. Everywhere. They almost never open their mouths (figuratively speaking, of course, in the case of blogs, etc.) without saying it again. And more of us than they realize know why they keep saying it: It's because the complete lack of substantive evidence of it necessitates that it be a marketing plank. I have to admit that it sounds good. When it's true, it's really good. I'm not accusing Evernote of any of the above. I just think that it's such a great idea, and has such promise, that it would be a real shame if it turns out that way (and personally, I spent the time on the above diatribe because it sure looks that way to me). I really, really hope it doesn't happen to Evernote. But it will if they don't start listening. Yeah, sorry, I used the "start" word, despite all the assertions that it's been standard operating procedure all along. If anybody at Evernote really believes that, in my opinion, they've confused listening with hearing. Anybody who's ever been a parent knows better than that.
  2. I find it hard to put any distance between the two, myself. Kinda like the t-shirt: I heard you - I just don't care what you think.
  3. I agree - I bought Penultimate ages ago, thinking an app with so many features couldn't possibly overlook something this simple and important. Then, in their FAQ, I found out they "intentionally designed it that way". It's a real comfort knowing it's intentionally crippled and not lame by accident... Anyway, I've never used it, other than to check to see if Landscape mode is supported every time it got updated. So, it's still useless to me, whether by design or accident, it makes no difference. It's a shame, because an app like this that integrates tightly with Evernote would be very nice to have.
  4. If you think that it's a bug, you should report it in a support request (see the link in my signature). That's the official way. This is a user forum, and you may not get direct Evernote feedback here, though they do read every post. Done - thanks!
  5. That's the beauty of sorting working the way it should: only the characters I listed sort after alpha characters; everything else (like period, comma, hyphen, underscore, etc,) sorts before, so you get the flexibility to do both. The way it's working now, you have to use an alpha char (like z) to force something to the bottom, which works, but it's awfully ugly, imo.
  6. Is this being worked on as a bug, or is the sort order intentionally not the same as ASCII or UNICODE? It would be very helpful for the {, |, }, and ~ to sort below alpha characters, especially for notebook stack names. Thanks, Mark
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