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  1. I am very disappointed with the new look... Here to an avid GTDr and the use of this and things was awesome. The new UI isn't helping me. I understand maybe why, just think its a little too much. Suggestions for IOS (ipad): * list view back. Big squares makes viewing quickly very difficult. I think some like squares and that's fine but bring the list view back as an option. * make it simple again. Everything has become about the coolness of what it looks like. Functionality, speed, and usability is what make this product powerful. That needs to be back there. Those are my biggest two beefs. I can honestly say I am rethinking my Evernote subscription and will be doing a full eval. I also have ended up steering people away from Evernote due to the new changes. I use Evernote on OS X, win 7, iPhone and ipad. Thanks Dallas
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